Explore the Latest in Conference Room Design

Explore the Latest in Conference Room Design

Explore the Latest in Conference Room Design

Have you ever experienced a perfectly choreographed presentation or video conference meeting? You walked into a room where the presenter pushed a button, and the display descended from the ceiling, the audio and video turned on, the remote attendees connected to the platform, and the shades and lighting adjusted to the perfect levels.

During the presentation, you could hear everyone perfectly, whether an onsite or a remote participant. The images were 4K UHD quality, rivaling your smart TV at home. When you left, the room returned to its former self. 

Is this the experience you offer your staff, clients, and board members? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. At Lelch Audio Video, we specialize in designing and integrating the latest audio-video technology with commercial automation, creating an impressive conference room design that’s also effortless to control. 

Let’s explore the possibilities for your Eden Prairie, MN, company.

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One of the most important elements of most businesses is scalability. Whether discussing security, automation, or video conferencing, a scalable solution grows with your company as you expand. At Lelch Audio Video, we partner with Crestron, the leading innovator in commercial automation and video conferencing solutions. 

These solutions are scalable, reliable, and simple to use, with the same user-friendly touchscreen interface for every room. Because one platform controls your growing enterprise, you can manage and monitor every space from the same dashboard.


Today’s conference room standards include 4K UHD video displays and high-performance microphones, cameras, and speakers. In addition, our certified technicians optimize your meeting space by ensuring the ideal device and seating placement. 

Smart video technology also offers features like face framing, allowing remote participants to see onsite team members distinctly. Speaker tracking focuses on the person speaking, and group framing adjusts the camera whenever someone enters or leaves the room. 

Ceiling array microphones provide enhanced pickup, natural speech, and support camera tracking, keeping eyes and ears on the presenter or speaker. They also include echo canceling and noise reduction, offering crystal-clear audio. The result is a conference room that provides the best images and sound, creating a professional and organized first impression for clients and staff.


When integrated with motorized shades, lighting, temperature, and audio-video equipment, you experience one-touch control for meetings and presentations. We’ll program scenes based on the activity at hand. For example, a “Client Presentation” button may turn on the AV equipment, adjust the lighting and shades to the perfect level, and turn off outside audio—such as music—until the meeting is complete. 

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in today’s conference room design? To learn about the latest technologies or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lelch Audio Video today. 

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