Home Theater System

Home Theater System

Explore the Differences Between Home Theaters and Media Rooms

Which Extraordinary Home Entertainment Space Is Right for You? There was a time when a dedicated home theater system was the go-to for homeowners looking for the ultimate entertainment, and for good reason. These spaces offer an immersive cinematic experience that delivers breathtaking images and sound in extreme comfort.  Today, however, another home entertainment space […]

How to Optimize Control of Your Home Theater

LELCH AUDIO VIDEO HELPS YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ENTERTAINMENT SPACE One of the biggest sells of a home theater system –aside from showing it off to friends – is its convenience. You don’t have to deal with crowds, dirty seats or bad weather to enjoy a movie. Unfortunately, if not correctly installed, your theater […]

Bring The Cinema To You With A Home Theater System

Movies have a transformative power that few other art forms can duplicate. The medium blends the aspects of fine art to generate stories that engage all of the senses, turning and twisting emotions from laughter to tears, often all in the exact moment.  We understand the intimate connection between the content and the venue you […]

How to Choose a Screen for Your Home Theater System

Designing a home theater system is no easy task. In most of our jobs, we find the most common mistakes have to do with the screen. Generally those problems have to do with display size, but we also find screens that aren’t prepared to handle ambient lighting or that clash with the rest of the room’s décor. In […]

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