Control4 Dealer

Control4 Dealer

The Incomparable Benefits of Working with a Control4 Dealer

Control4 is a well-respected name in the smart home automation industry – and for a good reason. Or rather, many reasons. When you bring a Control4 system and its features to your home in Orono, MN, you get to experience a centralized and cohesive setup that meets your needs every day. But don’t leave an installation to […]

Control4: Smart Home Automation Your Way

With so many smart devices around us, from smart thermostats to lighting, how we interact with them is important.  In fact, human interface design is so important it’s a prime reason why people choose one product over another, especially when it comes to technology.  Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh?  IOS or Android?  These are some […]

How a Control4 Dealer Can Boost Your Home Entertainment Systems

Our team at Lelch Audio Video has worked with Minneapolis-area homeowners for many years now, building custom home entertainment systems through smart technology. Through the years, we have noticed one common factor regarding entertainment technology that needs improvement: the way you control your systems. You don’t need to use several remotes or manually press buttons […]

What Can A Control4 Dealer Do For Your Home? Here’s One Example.

Many of our clients come to us without a vision for their new home automation system. They’re interested in adding convenience to their lifestyle and smart home technology to their property, but they don’t know how an entire automation system will work within their house. If you aren’t sure how automating your home might affect […]

What’s New with Control4? Here’s What You’ll Want to Know.

Here’s some news for you: 2017 was a fascinating year for Control4. The smart home technology business started the year with an announcement that it became the first to add cloud-based connected home management to their routers. The good news continued with the acquisition of Triad Speakers, a high-end audio brand. The positive developments continued […]

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