The Advantages of Cloud-Based Building Access Control

Enhancing Security and Efficiency in Multi-Dwelling Units Managing a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) in Minneapolis, MN, involves juggling many roles, one of the most important being to ensure the safety and convenience of residents. Property managers are turning to modern technology like cloud-based access control systems to meet the rising demand for smarter, more secure living […]

5 Technology Features That Will Enhance Your Next Presentation

Recently Lifesize conducted a study of its users to see just how important video conferencing is for everyday business productivity. The results show that interactive presentation technology can boost employee morale and efficiency in the following ways: In additional to the individual benefits of video conferencing, 30 percent of businesses saw a reduction in travel costs and […]

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Every Room in Your Home

As you go about your day, try to be more conscious about how you use your lights throughout your Woodbury, MN home. You’ll realize that no two rooms are the same. Due to different stylistic or pragmatic needs, you use your lights differently everywhere. With a lighting control system, it’s easy to create the ideal settings […]

5 Benefits of a Smart Security App

Holiday season hopefully means a long vacation with the family. What can you do to get peace of mind that everything’s going well back home while you lay out on a beach in the Bahamas? The answer is a mobile app that gives you access to your home security system from anywhere in the world as long […]

How Can Home Automation Help You Care for Your Family?

Your home is your family’s epicenter. It’s the one place where they should always feel happy, comfortable and safe. We know you do your best to get your Minnetonka, Minnesota house up to the task. But there’s no reason that you should be bearing the burden alone. You can take advantage of smart home automation technology that […]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Home Theater Projector

 Recreating the theater experience is all about the big screen. Though there should be a lot of thought put into on your surround sound, room acoustics, and seating, the main thing people will focus on are the images projected on your screen. This is why it’s so important to choose the right projector when designing […]

Enhance Your Business With a Professional Audio/Video System

 Every piece of technology in your business is there to serve a particular function for you and your clientele. While many managers focus on the importance of security and POS systems, often commercial AV components get overlooked. A poorly designed AV system, though, can turn off customers and reduce productivity as your employees struggle to manage the […]

4 Ways Smart Lighting Control Saves You Money

 No technology in your Edina, Minnesota home is used as often as your lighting. But when new upgrades are considered, few people think about home lighting control. A smart solution not only increases the security and comfort of your home, but it also makes it more efficient. At both the residential and commercial level, smart lighting offers […]

3 Ways Remote Management Boosts Your Commercial Security

Stay Connected to Your Woodbury Business at All Times  When you’re running a business, you have to cover a lot of ground.  You may have to meet with suppliers, travel the country to raise capital, or meet up with potential partners depending on your specific industry. This means you spend a lot of time away […]

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Favorite Music on Your Sonos Speakers

It’s Easier Than Ever to Find the Songs, Albums or Artists You Want  Having to find a balance between convenience and quality is a thing of the past. Sonos wireless speaker systems bring hi-fidelity audio to every corner of your home. Not only can you eliminate bulky wires from your Wayzata, Minnesota property, but you can also […]

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