Hidden TVs – Minnetonka, MN

Hidden TVs – Minnetonka, MN

Use This Video Conferencing Checklist for Quality Online Meetings

Does your business rely on video conferencing solutions for daily meetings with colleagues, clients, and vendors? If so, having high-quality audio and video technology solutions is invaluable for conducting these critical communications. Video communication is the next-best option to in-person meetings. No matter which video conferencing technology you choose, whether Crestron, Zoom, Teams, or other providers, certain […]

Conduct a Variety of Meetings with an Easy-to-Use Conference Room Installation

Have you dealt with meetings that just aren’t going your way? Or have you been giving a presentation to the team, and then every single technical glitch that could happen, happens? Luckily, with a professional conference room installation at your Minneapolis, MN office, you won’t ever have to worry about these issues popping up in an important […]

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