Home Theater Installer

Home Theater Installer

From Chaos to Cinema: The Power of a Home Theater Installer

In an age where entertainment options are aplenty, there’s a growing desire to bring the cinematic experience closer to home. The allure of a home theater, with its promise of big-screen entertainment and immersive audio, has captured the imagination of many, leading homeowners to look at DIY home theater solutions in search of an immersive […]

For Incomparable Home Entertainment, Team Up with a Trusted Home Theater and AV Installer

Creating your own personalized home theater or entertainment setup in your Minneapolis, MN living space is the perfect way to find a haven within this unique year. A cozy, inviting, and immersive cinema or media room can transport you to a whole new world without you ever having to leave the indoors. For a custom […]

3 Reasons to Work with a Professional Home Theater Installer Today

A dedicated home theater doesn’t have to feel out of reach. While an installation might sound overwhelming at first, you don’t have to go at any setup or project alone. In fact, our team of experts at Lelch Audio Video makes it our goal to ensure every installation process is hassle-free. So what are the […]

Bring the Best Visual Display to Your Home Cinema

A dedicated home theater is where you can unwind and relax with a favorite classic film of yours or get your heart racing from a thrilling action scene in a new blockbuster – right in the comfort of your own home! But in order to experience that level of immersion every time you hit play, […]

Customizable AV Design Ideas for Your Home Theater Setup

How and where you watch a movie can significantly impact your entire experience of the media. And if you’re a regular film connoisseur, you more likely prefer the setting of your local cinema for your next movie night. But as the days grow colder, you might find it harder to leave the house. Plus, it’s […]

Introduction to Everything Dolby Vision HDR

Never watch a film or show in your own home the same way again. With a dedicated home theater, you can immerse yourself entirely in your media and host the ultimate movie nights for friends and family. If you’re considering bringing a cinema to your living space, you might want to consider two factors. One, […]

How to Choose a Low-Voltage Contractor for Your Installation

When you use your smart home systems on a daily basis in your Eden Prairie, MN living space, you want to make sure that they work consistently and effectively. By working with a low-voltage contractor, you can ensure your smart home’s infrastructure is good to go from the beginning. Whether you’re taking on a project at your existing […]

What New Tech Did CEDIA 2018 Unveil for Your Home Entertainment System?

If you’re a fan of technology, right now’s one of the most exciting times of the year. No, not because the winter holidays are right around the corner – because the CEDIA Expo just happened, and it brought a lot of new AV gear with it. Whether you’re a fan of IMAX displays or you’re […]

What is the Key to High-Quality 4K Video Resolution?

Deciphering all the acronyms related to video and TV technology can be tough. Every time you figure out what something like 4K, HDR or OLED means, there’s a new one added to the mix. The latest to hit the industry is AV over IP. It means you can distribute audio and video signals through your […]

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