Lighting Control

Lighting Control

How Can Lighting Control Shape Your Day?

Illuminate Your Living Spaces from Morning to Evening Lighting is essential in shaping your home’s atmosphere, influencing both the ambiance of your living spaces and your daily routine. Advanced lighting control systems have transformed how you think of traditional lighting for your household, offering endless benefits that enhance your quality of life throughout the day! […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Lighting Control

The secret is out, if it ever was secret—the smart home revolution is in full swing. According to Statista, the Comfort & Lighting segment in smart home technology worldwide is projected to grow by 12.86% from 2022 to 2027, indicating a health demand. As homeowners in Hudson and beyond embrace the conveniences of modern living, lighting control has emerged […]


Is any technology system more important to your smart home in Minneapolis, MN, than lighting control? It’s a valid question, especially considering how natural light varies through the seasons and how these changes may affect different spaces in our homes.  At Lelch Audio Video, we can design your lighting control system to enhance both your smart […]


There is much more to lighting control than switches and dimmers, especially when it comes to smart homes. That’s why choosing the right devices and experts to install them for you is critical so that every product will perform up to the highest standards.  At Lelch Audio Video, we carry all the leading industry brands, offering […]

Let Your Smart Home Control Your Lighting

Have you ever walked into your home after a long day, and the lighting almost takes your breath away? The fading sunlight shines softly into the living room, casting a golden glow. The under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen creates a relaxing mood with lights the color of soft candlelight, and your home’s fine artwork and […]

The Devil Is in the Details of Architectural Lighting

Have you heard the devil is in the details? It is a saying that has never been truer than in lighting design, especially when it comes to luxury residential spaces.  At Lelch Audio Video, we are experts in home automation systems and lighting control. Our projects throughout Minneapolis, MN, integrate premium fixtures and layered lighting for depth […]

Lighting Control Makes You Feel Safer at Home

No one wants to be caught in the dark. Whether you’re getting a drink of water or grabbing something from the basement, darkness can cause an eerie feeling. Kids always tell us that they’re afraid of monsters lurking in the dark, while parents simply fear stepping on toys at night.  Easy access lighting controls ease our fears […]

Make Your Lighting Control Manageable for Everyone in Your Home!

Professional lighting control for your Minneapolis, MN home can enhance every living space throughout the property – managing each fixture doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavor! With an integrated system and customized keypads, you can easily operate and control every lighting fixture within seconds. Make your lighting control system accessible to everyone in the family and […]

Simplify Your Lighting Control System with Alisse

Smart lighting control can make transforming your home with one-button press a reality. Managing your home’s lighting should never be a hassle. Lutron’s Alisse wall keypad simplifies and streamlines your daily lighting control with every use. Sleek, stylish, and customizable – the Alisse elevates your lighting automation experience completely. Want to find out more about bringing this […]

Smart Lighting with Style & Simplicity

Home lighting control across your entire Orono, MN, property can add comfort, improve security, and create a luxurious setting for every day spent at home. But shouldn’t such an innovative solution bring convenience to your daily routine and cater to whatever room you are in? With Palladiom by Lutron, operating the system with its integrated features is […]

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