Presentation Technology

Presentation Technology

5 Technology Features That Will Enhance Your Next Presentation

Recently Lifesize conducted a study of its users to see just how important video conferencing is for everyday business productivity. The results show that interactive presentation technology can boost employee morale and efficiency in the following ways: In additional to the individual benefits of video conferencing, 30 percent of businesses saw a reduction in travel costs and […]

How to Nail Your Next Sales Pitch with the Right Technology

We’ve all had the same nightmare: we’ve prepared meticulously to meet with a client only to have the microphone, audio, or software fail at the worst possible moment. It says a lot about standard presentation technology solutions that so many of us see them more as obstacles than legitimate tools.  But what if the presentation technology in […]

4 Tips for Conducting the Perfect Presentation

Whether you’re looking for ways to bring in new clients or to improve an existing project, it’s important that you deliver your message efficiently. While we can’t help you get over your fear of public speaking, we can get you the right tools to makes thing much easier. Our presentation technology helps you communicate more efficiently by […]

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