Energy Management

Energy Management

Energy Management Tools for the Workplace

Is there anything more critical to the success of your business in Eden Prairie, MN, than efficient resource management? We didn’t think so either; not in today’s world, at least! With the increasing cost of energy and growing pressure to reduce our carbon footprint, automated energy management solutions have become essential for businesses of all sizes.  That’s […]


Not every smart home is energy efficient, but every energy efficient home is intelligent! How about your house in Eden Prairie, MN; does it live up to the current energy management industry standards?  If you are not sure about the answer, our team of technology integrators at Lelch Audio Video is here to help! From integrating and […]

4 Energy Management Solutions Your Business Needs

Whether you’re running a small-scale business or a large enterprise, energy management is an essential operational component that can benefit all business owners. With rising utility bills, using energy-efficient solutions throughout your commercial space saves you a considerable amount of money. Plus, reduced power consumption benefits the environment.  So, what are the latest energy-efficient solutions that allow […]

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