Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Design Tips for the Ultimate Home Lighting

It’s easy to view our home lighting as a means to an end. We turn it on in the morning as we make our way to the kitchen. Our table lamp offers the perfect area for reading, and our office light enables us to work late into the evening. It’s so much a part of […]

A Stunning Lighting Design Provides Perfect Visibility & Elevates Your Interiors

As lighting has transformative features, it goes without saying that the wrong lighting creates a completely uninviting atmosphere in any room. In fact, poor lighting design can cause a dizzying effect, leaving you either squinting or shielding your eyes after a couple of hours from insufficient illumination or glare that causes horrible headaches. Improve overall […]

Lighting Design: A Transformative Impact

Just as music and media liven up your living spaces, lighting has a similar impact on your surroundings. Lighting fixtures take your interior design and showcase it at its best – elevating and drawing attention to your architecture and beautiful décor. With Ketra lighting design, you can truly experience your Minneapolis, MN property in a brand-new […]

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