Av Installation

Av Installation

Elevate Your AV Installations With Control4

When it comes to your home entertainment, professional AV installations are more than just technology; they’re a lifestyle upgrade. They transform your living room into a personal theater, your patio into a concert stage, and your home into an entertainment hub. But to truly enrich your way of life, we use Control4 in our solutions.  As a […]

Experience the Luxurious Expert In-Home AV Installation

AV installation is a fantastic addition to your Minneapolis, MN, home. Every family or homeowner can benefit significantly from professional services from an expert audio-video company. In this blog, we’ll discuss how Lelch Audio Video takes your audio video installation past your expectations, delivering an experience that never stops. Keep reading to learn more about what […]

6 Steps of a Professional Home AV Installation

Many home installation projects are easy enough for homeowners to tackle on their own. But then there are the more sophisticated installation projects, such as an AV installation, that should be left to the professionals. Why? Because AV is a luxury purchase, homeowners want to build experiences that provide the most value and enjoyment possible. Continue […]

Bring the Ultimate AV Installation to Your Office

Keeping your business running smoothly throughout the day is a top priority. But when you can communicate effectively with either your own employees or your clients, things can sometimes come to a halt. You need a proper AV installation in place at your Minneapolis, MN company in order to give a boost to productivity and efficiency. With […]

What Is the Best Display Option for Video Conferencing?

Displays are the focal point of your conference room, drawing attention to essential video calls, presentations, or training material. Naturally, it’s the first piece of equipment many companies bring up during our AV installations. And it’s one of the places where it’s really easy to go wrong. Below, we highlight one of the most significant decisions […]

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