Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Use This Video Conferencing Checklist for Quality Online Meetings

Does your business rely on video conferencing solutions for daily meetings with colleagues, clients, and vendors? If so, having high-quality audio and video technology solutions is invaluable for conducting these critical communications. Video communication is the next-best option to in-person meetings. No matter which video conferencing technology you choose, whether Crestron, Zoom, Teams, or other providers, certain […]

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Video Conferencing Systems?

Conference rooms, boardrooms, and huddle spaces have transformed in the last few years. Today, companies want to create collaborative workspaces where team members can meet in real-time no matter where they live in the world.  They also realize the importance of any-time, face-to-face communication with their clients, and many have adopted this technology into their […]

How to Optimize Video Conferencing in Your Office

Employees and customers are more widespread now than ever. Before, a company’s employees might have come into the office five days a week. But now, a business may have employees working across the country. Similarly, companies might work with customers in different cities, states, and time zones.  This environment has made it crucial for every […]

Take Your Video Conferencing to a Brand-New Level

One of the most important components in keeping a company on track is communication. When miscommunications occur, then delays soon follow and other disruptions to the flow of daily operations. It’s not only about efficiency but about the overall environment you provide for your employees. This is why quality video conferencing is a must for your Minneapolis, […]

Create Spaces Catered to Your Company’s Video Conferencing Needs

The way a company communicates is critical to its success. As your company in Minnetonka, MN, might still be adjusting to some employees working from home and others shifting back into the in-office environment, you need ways to streamline and maintain thorough communications on a daily basis. Zoom has become a new way of bridging […]

Upgrade Your Analog System with Innovative Video Conferencing

When communications are interrupted or delayed in an important conference room meeting or presentation, the whole room can feel it – whether virtually or in person. This potential issue is why a quality video conferencing system is so necessary for your Bloomington-area company! If you’re still dealing with outdated analog solutions and analog systems in your boardrooms, […]

Create a Productive Atmosphere in Every Boardroom

A boardroom is meant to be a space that can promote productivity and efficiency, foster employee teamwork, and give business communications a major boost. But how can you bring the entire staff or a high-end client into the room with you? Video conferencing helps keep every employee connected with one another, whether they’re in the office, […]

Make At-Home Video Conferencing a Breeze

Working from home doesn’t mean that constantly communicating with your employees and coworkers has to take a dip. With the right video conferencing system and equipment in your Eden Prairie, MN home, you can streamline telecommunications with ease and zero hassle. In this blog, we’ll dive into how an incredible soundbar from Leon changes the game and […]

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Conferencing Setup?

Efficient video conferencing is vital to both employee collaboration as well as client acquisition and retention. But despite its evident importance, many companies still settle for systems doomed to failure from the start. Over the years, we’ve seen a few common issues show up in a lot of the retrofit projects we fix. We have learned from […]

Up Your Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Often times, company meetings include talking and discussing topics with employees whether they’re in the room with you or not. And if you have global offices or even ones across town, you’ll need to include those workers who are not in the main meeting room. That’s where Lifesize’s video conferencing technology can help your Minneapolis, MN workspace.  […]

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