Tunable Lighting

Tunable Lighting

From Chaos to Cinema: The Power of a Home Theater Installer

In an age where entertainment options are aplenty, there’s a growing desire to bring the cinematic experience closer to home. The allure of a home theater, with its promise of big-screen entertainment and immersive audio, has captured the imagination of many, leading homeowners to look at DIY home theater solutions in search of an immersive […]

Let Tunable Lighting Bring Beauty and Natural Light Into Your Home

At Lelch Audio Video, we create smart homes that offer our clients unprecedented, luxurious ease of living. In the process, we also make healthier, more beautiful homes–a sanctuary to relax at the end of a long day. To do this, we partner with automation industry leaders. In the world of light, that brand is Lutron’s […]

Promote Wellness in Your Home with Tunable Lighting

Now that the time has changed once more, you’ll notice shorter days and less sunlight into the evening – meaning you’ll have less time to take in natural lighting. When you don’t get your regular sunlight intake, your body and mind start to take notice. But with tunable lighting, you can experience a mimicry of the […]

How Tunable Lighting Benefits Your Overall Wellness – and More!

What if your home was a personalized wellness space catered to you? With tunable lighting, you can customize your Minneapolis, MN living place to benefit you on a daily basis. Various smart features of a Ketra human-centric lighting system let you schedule your lighting control to accommodate the time of day and keep your wellness as […]

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