Hidden TVs

Hidden TVs

Hidden TVs from Future Automation Merge Entertainment & Style

Large, stunning displays in your home bring a truly cinematic feel to your living space –sometimes at the expense of your personal interior design. But what if you could enjoy larger-than-life visuals without ever sacrificing the appeal of your existing surroundings? Hidden TVs from Future Automation are your solution. These displays blend in seamlessly with your […]

Leon Hidden TVs Seamlessly Become a Part of Your Home Décor

Give your home entertainment a boost without ever intruding on your interior design and home décor. Instead, imagine walking into the living room and your beautiful artwork suddenly coming to life at just the tap of a button to showcase your favorite movie or TV show. With hidden AV, this easy switch-up is always possible! […]

Conduct a Variety of Meetings with an Easy-to-Use Conference Room Installation

Have you dealt with meetings that just aren’t going your way? Or have you been giving a presentation to the team, and then every single technical glitch that could happen, happens? Luckily, with a professional conference room installation at your Minneapolis, MN office, you won’t ever have to worry about these issues popping up in an important […]

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