Transcend the ordinary

Let there be light

Creating the right ambiance is an art. Our lighting design services go beyond the basics to illuminate environments, rejuvenate your spirit, and relax the mind, utilizing fixtures that are equal parts functional and alluring.

Shine a light on modern living

Here, there is no place for ordinary lighting. We strive for extraordinary. We embrace technology to enhance your lighting experience. Our future-proof dynamic lighting control systems and curated design are made to brighten your life.

Reflect your style

Every space is unique. So should be its lighting. We’ll work closely with you to understand your goals, vision, and requirements. Then, we curate a palette of lighting fixtures, from warm dim to full-color spectrum, to ensure your space reflects your style. Our lighting specifications are customized to meet your space’s needs — guaranteeing a harmonious solution.

Keep to your workday schedule with a “Daytime” scene that automatically activates at the same time every day. As you head into your home office, bright white ambient lights and desk lights greet you for optimal focus and concentration.

As the day winds down, prepare for restorative sleep with a “Bedtime” scene that is activated automatically through programming or manually through a remote or phone. Not only do lights dim gradually, but they switch to a warm, amber hue that induces relaxation.

Entertain in style with a “Party” or scene that activates lights in the kitchen and living room to a white hue that keeps guests energized throughout the night. Add landscape lighting to the scene to encourage guests to gravitate to your beautiful outdoor spaces.

Transform your theater into the perfect viewing environment with a “Movie Night” scene on your handheld remote or touchpad that dims recessed lights and decorative sconces while turning on floor track lighting for safe movement during the movie.




Movie Night

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