5 Benefits of a Home Surveillance System

5 Benefits of a Home Surveillance System

5 Benefits of a Home Surveillance System

A surveillance system can benefit homeowners even on the quietest street in town. For example, if you aren’t capturing potential crimes on camera, you could help locate a missing cat or see if the neighbor left the garage door open and let them know. Sometimes, it’s just nice to keep an eye on things.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives on the quietest street in town, and crimes do occasionally happen. Nevertheless, a home surveillance system is an easy addition with many benefits. 

Continue reading to learn five ways a home surveillance system could benefit your home in Minneapolis, MN.

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If you install a video surveillance system in your home, you can access surveillance video from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. This easy accessibility can provide peace of mind when you’re away. For example, drop in at a moment’s notice while you’re at work to check on pets or children without spending any gas money to run home. 


If you have security cameras and your neighbor doesn’t, it’s a good bet that they would be the target of a crime before you would. Security cameras can be a crime deterrent; although nothing is foolproof, they can help. Protect packages from being swiped off your porch and your car from being broken into at night by installing surveillance cameras in plain sight. 


Surveillance systems can be programmed to send push notification alerts to your smart device using predetermined rules. Alerts could be for anything, like motion detection, a door being unlocked, a doorbell ringing, and more. In addition, the surveillance system can work hand-in-hand with your security system to notify you of activity at your home.

You may want to know when a package is delivered or that your children have arrived home after a day of school. You can program alerts to notify you when these events occur so you can focus more on working and less on monitoring camera feeds during the day. 


Your surveillance system captures high-quality video footage that integrates with video analytics or AI software, so searching for specific moments within your footage can take just minutes instead of hours. If your footage is ever required to help solve a crime, being able to locate specific moments will help authorities move faster, preventing additional crimes from taking place.


Check with your homeowner’s insurance provider to see if they offer a surveillance system discount on your premium payments. Many companies provide this discount if your system is installed by a professional and in working order. Of course, protecting your home from crime is also a benefit for insurance companies. 

Contact us at Lelch Audio Video to learn more about surveillance systems that could benefit your Minneapolis, MN, home. Remember, investing in home security helps your family and your neighborhood.

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