Technology Amenities

Technology Amenities

Why Residents Want Smart Technology

If you manage or own an apartment complex, then you might have a good idea about what draws in new residents.  Pools, gyms, or outdoor grills are among the many standard features a modern residential unit offers. But smart technology amenities are now what renters are much more inclined to want in their new apartments – far […]

Here Are the Technology Amenities High-End Buyers Will Love

Today’s high-end buyers are looking for more than just a nice-looking unit. Take this 2016 Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey, for example. It found that 57 percent of all buyers would seriously consider a home – new construction or old – if it showcased smart home technology. That survey’s result should raise alarms for your […]

First Impressions Matter: Attract New Residents With Smart Technology

In today’s competitive housing market, you want your residential complex to stand out. Imagine possible buyers arriving at your multi-unit building and instantly falling in love with the amenities you provide. Out of all the other housing options available, that person chooses to purchase a unit in your building. You profit, and so does your […]

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