Motorized Shades Minnetonka, MN

Motorized Shades Minnetonka, MN

An Outdoor Shading System Provides the Ultimate Comfort this Summer

Make the most of your Minnetonka, MN backyard this summer and spend time with your family and friends on your patio or porch, soaking up the outdoor breeze. But with that breeze comes the harsh and intense sun rays that can ruin any relaxing day with discomfort and damaging heat. Protect your gathering space from […]

Are Motorized Shades a Good Addition to Your Home?

When examining the shading options for your home, you have plenty to consider. What function do you want your shades to offer? Do you want cellular blinds or solar shades? Perhaps the most important decision you might have to make, though, comes down to whether you would prefer motorized shades or manual blinds for your Minnetonka, Minnesota […]

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