Motorized Shades Woodbury, MN

Motorized Shades Woodbury, MN

How Can Motorized Shades Benefit You This Summer?

With the summer months in full swing, it can get pretty heated indoors. Instead of immediately running to the pool to cool off, you can make the most of your interiors with protective motorized shades. Not only can they help keep you cool, but they can also protect your valuables and delicate furniture. Keep reading below […]

Liven Up Your Office Spaces with Motorized Shades

Don’t let your workspace start to grow gloomy in appearance. Create a space that is both open, lively, and breathable for every employee at all times of the day. Did you know commercial motorized shades can help with this? In this blog, we’ll dive into how automated window treatments can have a huge impact on your Woodbury, […]

Motorized Shades – The New Health Benefit

Are we making a bold claim about motorized shades? Perhaps, but we think we can back it up. Consider some known facts from medical science: You might be wondering at this point: what does this have to do with installing motorized shades in my Woodbury home? Read on as we connect the dots! See Also: Why Should […]

Everything You Need to Know About Lutron Battery Shades

At Lelch Audio Video, we work with Lutron’s wide range of wired and battery-operated products to install the perfect motorized shades for your Woodbury, MN home. The quality of their versatile, motorized shades highlights their dedication to improving customer’s lives through design and science. We’ve explored the benefits of motorized shades before. They can save on energy […]

Interior Designers: Should You Feature Motorized Shades in Your Projects?

If you’re an interior designer, how do you typically approach adding window treatments to your projects? It’s a basic question but an important one. If you are adding manual blinds, you aren’t reaching your projects’ full potential. In this post, we explore how working with a technology professional to feature motorized shades can enhance your interior design […]

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