Low Voltage Contractor 3

Low Voltage Contractor 3

Why Work with a Low Voltage Contractor?

Bringing smart home solutions and electrical devices to your home can feel like a huge undertaking. Working with a team of professionals alleviates the pressure of the technical side of things, of course, but there are other factors at play when you have a smart home installation coming up! You have your budget, energy usage, […]

Lower Energy & Bills with a Low-Voltage Contractor

When it comes to wasted energy throughout your Minneapolis, MN home, your electrical and lighting systems are oftentimes the usual culprits. But what if you could both reduce your home’s energy usage and also lower the monthly bills at the same time? By having a low-voltage electrical system and wiring professionally installed throughout your property, […]

Work with a Low Voltage Contractor for Your Commercial Installation

Are you looking to lower monthly costs and your energy usage throughout your company building? Often times, your lighting and electrical systems can eat away at both. But when you team up with a low voltage contractor like Lelch Audio Video, you are set to save money and energy in the long-run at your Minneapolis, MN business […]

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