Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

The Luxury of Today’s Outdoor Audio System

Redefine Home Entertainment with Corner-to-Corner High-Resolution Music Luxury living is defined a little differently by everyone. For some, it’s the rich textures and materials that surround them—the elegance derived from the finer things in life. For others, luxury is found in experiences. It’s coming home to an environment already prepared for them with just the […]

Create a More Professional Work Environment with Centralized DistributionFeatured

Enhance Productivity and Improve Communication With Centralized AV From Lelch AV Today’s most successful businesses have mastered communication and collaboration. In multi-location offices, a focus on these skills comes down to one thing—the quality of video conferencing. When employees are located in various places, they rely on video conferencing to connect. One way to simplify […]

How Commercial Shading Can Improve The Employee ExperienceFeatured

Enhancing Workplace Comfort and Efficiency Through Innovative Shading Solutions Employee productivity is key to business success, and many factors affect your team’s productivity. One often neglected factor is the work environment. An effective way to enhance your workspace is by installing commercial shading in Minneapolis, MN.  Read on to discover how commercial shading can enhance […]

Lelch’s Ultimate Guide to Home Security SystemsFeatured

The Answers to All Your Home Security Questions  As Minneapolis’ dedicated home security company, we’ve written countless blog posts with tips and recommendations on home security. Now that we look back, there’s a lot of information to share.  If you’re considering installing a home security system, or if your existing technologies need an upgrade, we’ve […]

How to Choose a Low-Voltage Contractor

Key Questions to Consider When Choosing Your Smart Home Partner  People usually associate low-voltage contractors with large industrial projects. However, luxury smart homes also involve installing, integrating, and maintaining low-voltage systems. Low-voltage wiring is used for networking, security, AV, lighting, motorized shades, and other smart home devices.  By working with a professional contractor instead of […]

The Best Lighting Control Systems for Retrofits or New BuildsFeatured

Explore the Top Wired and Wireless Options from Lutron  Lighting control systems are a favorite upgrade among our clients, and it’s easy to see why. These systems enhance security, comfort, ambiance, and aesthetics in any home. One common question we receive is whether it’s better to integrate these systems into new builds or existing homes. […]

Top Benefits of Meeting Room AutomationFeatured

Avoid Workplace Frustrations with the Latest Technology from Lelch AV Corporate office and workplace trends have undergone significant transformation in recent years, primarily driven by technological advances and shifts in work culture. Not only has the rise of remote and hybrid work models reshaped physical office spaces and necessitated the adoption of sophisticated communication tools […]

Transforming Your Home with Smart Lighting ControlFeatured

Experience High-End Comfort and Convenience Lighting offers far more than high-end illumination. It’s become an integral part of home management systems, enhancing comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency! Smart lighting control allows homeowners to manipulate lighting through automated systems, voice commands, and mobile apps, offering a level of customization and control that was unimaginable just […]

The Benefits of Commercial Lighting Solutions and AV Automation

Brighten Up Your Business Spaces Is your company looking for ways to enhance efficiency, improve aesthetics, and create a more dynamic workplace? Commercial lighting solutions, coupled with AV and automation technologies, play a critical role in achieving these goals! From reducing energy costs to enhancing employee productivity and creating a memorable brand experience, the integration […]

Installing Golf Simulators in Apartments & Offices

Enhance the fun and excitement of your Minneapolis, MN, apartment or office building with a golf simulator installation from Lelch. Learn about these high-end AV sports spaces.

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