Motorized Shades Installer

Motorized Shades Installer

Work with a Motorized Shades Installer to Experience the Palladiom System

Don’t let the hassle of walking throughout your home to lower or raise shades consume any more time of your day than necessary. Managing all the window treatments in your Woodbury, MN home is easier than ever when you team up with a motorized shades installer like Lelch Audio Video. Work with our team of experts, and you’ll experience what the leading lighting and shading brand in the […]

Why Commercial Motorized Shades are Superior to Manual Ones

Motorized shades might not be at the top of your commercial automation wish list – they often get put at the bottom, as many office managers don’t see their immediate significance. But automated window treatments from Lutron are anything but static solutions. They help reduce energy costs, increased security, enhance privacy, and promote productivity throughout […]

Why Should You Work with an Expert Motorized Shades Installer?

If you’ve ever considered a motorized shade installation for your Woodbury, MN, home, we’re glad you found this blog. Lelch Audio Video works with both Lutron and QMotion motorized shades offerings, so we know how to install them and how well they fit a variety of homes. We’ll take the time to talk you through how expertly […]

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