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Smart Home Automation Solutions for the Minneapolis Area

Live effortlessly with the latest in home audio, video, automation, and lighting.

The art of balance

To live fully, you need balance. A harmony between functionality and enjoyment. At Lelch, we strive to create custom technology solutions that elevate the way you live and feel, while blending seamlessly into your home’s design.

Turn dreams into reality

If you can dream it, Lelch can create it. Our custom-tailored technology solutions reflect the life you desire. Whether you want an entertainment haven, fully automated, tech forward home, or thoughtfully lit interior and landscaping, our technical and design experts ensure every detail is in harmony with you.

Bring the future home

Your home is where you make life extraordinary. Our team works to ensure you have the tools to do just that. Understanding current technologies and future innovations and trends, we incorporate only the best solutions for your needs.

Our services

This is just the beginning. Our technology solutions are customized
to your unique home, life, and budget. 


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