Home Stereo System

Home Stereo System

The Speed of Sound – Talking to Your Home Stereo System

Earlier this year, Roku introduced its voice-controlled home theatre software. Now there’s speculation that Roku and Sonos will collaborate, creating a system where you can talk to your speakers through Roku voice commands. If it happens, the partnership will bring us a voice-controlled streaming service with superior sound right to your Edina, Minnesota home. Would […]

Are You An Audiophile?

If you’re an audiophile, you likely already have a home stereo system. It may be part of your home theater setup, or you may have a dedicated two-channel system in a library or bedroom.  As an audiophile, you’re not satisfied that you have the ultimate in audio quality.  You crave that next edge, the type of […]

How You Can Bring Hidden Technology to Your Home Theater Setup

You can’t always place home theater systems within a dedicated cinema. Sometimes, you might need to house a home cinema setup within a hybrid media room or perhaps your living room or family room. In these cases, you might feel like you need to compromise your preferred interior design to accommodate for theater technology – […]

How You Can Use Sonos to Boost Your Home Stereo System

If you have a 2-channel audio system in your home, you know what it’s like to experience high-quality music. Using your floor-standing or bookshelf speakers and a receiver or amplifier to connect to your audio sources, you can create a concert-like atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home. Did you know, however, that […]

Immerse Yourself in Music with a Home Stereo System

Listening to your selected music can take you to another level entirely.  You can have that elevated experience – as if you were at your favorite artist’s concert – every time, with a home stereo system. Your Lakeville, MN home can become the perfect space to hear a new album or play the same songs over […]

Is Bad Audio Quality Ruining Your Family’s Lifestyle?

Right now, multi-room audio is the most prominent trend in home entertainment. Wireless speakers make it easier than ever to share music in any room of your Woodbury, MN home. From an app, you can access thousands of songs. Then, at the press of a button, you can get those songs to play anywhere. For […]

Make Accessing your Music Easier than Ever

The entertainment center of your home brings everyone together in one room.  It’s crucial that the media you’re presenting appeals to everyone.  With a home stereo system in your Minnetonka, MN abode, you can turn on virtually any playlist your family or guests desire.  Set the mood or change it up every song, with all your media […]

How Do You Know Which Speakers to Use for Your Home Stereo?

One of the common mistakes we see when clients set up their home stereo systems is that they tend to settle on a type of speaker they like and use it throughout the house. The problem is that people listen to music differently depending on the setting, and speakers need to reflect that. While high-end loudspeakers may […]

How to Improve the Performance of Your Home Stereo System

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s the perfect time to embrace some much-needed upgrades to your home. Don’t know where to get started? Installing a new home stereo system is a great way to go. A few upgrades to your system can result in a better listening experience when playing your favorite records, watching […]

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