How to Optimize Video Conferencing in Your Office

How to Optimize Video Conferencing in Your Office

How to Optimize Video Conferencing in Your Office

Employees and customers are more widespread now than ever. Before, a company’s employees might have come into the office five days a week. But now, a business may have employees working across the country. Similarly, companies might work with customers in different cities, states, and time zones. 

This environment has made it crucial for every office to have a conference room optimized for video conferencing. Video meetings allow in-office employees to communicate with remote employees or customers easily. However, these meetings can be slow and laggy without the proper technology or a faulty network. It’s hard to communicate when you keep losing connection. Technology companies like Lelch Audio Video can help. Keep reading to see how we can help you optimize your Eden Prairie, MN office for hybrid meetings. 

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First things first, everyone in your conference room will need to be able to hear and see remote meeting participants and vice versa. Your conference room will need to be equipped with distributed audio and video. In-ceiling speakers can be installed strategically throughout the room so that everyone can hear remote participants. Technology companies like Lelch can ensure these speakers are perfectly spaced to provide even audio and avoid feedback.

Additionally, you’ll need a display that can show presentations and videos of remote participants. In smaller rooms, you may just need one screen at the head of the table placed where everyone can see. A few screens placed around the room in bigger rooms may be a better solution. You’ll also need a strategically placed microphone and camera as well.


Many video-conferencing technologies help streamline remote meetings, such as Crestron Flex and Barco’s ClickShare. These technologies integrate all of your conference room’s technology, such as microphones, speakers, cameras, and more, to have them automatically sync up to your video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 


Video conferencing can take up a lot of bandwidth. If your network can’t handle it, then your meeting will be slow and inefficient. Lelch ensures your office network is prepared by pre-wiring your AV and presentation equipment for a secure connection. We can also strategically enhance your internet with wired and wireless solutions that will give every corner of your office access to high-speed internet. 

Video conferencing is a crucial part of daily office functions, and it’s likely here to stay. Work with a technology company like Lelch Audio Video to optimize your conference room for remote meetings to boost communication and collaboration. 

Lelch has a variety of solutions that can help streamline your meetings so you can focus on what’s important, serving customers and growing the business. Our team would love to design a custom solution for your space. Schedule a meeting with our team by calling or filling out our contact form. 

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