Use This Video Conferencing Checklist for Quality Online Meetings

Use This Video Conferencing Checklist for Quality Online Meetings

Use This Video Conferencing Checklist for Quality Online Meetings

Does your business rely on video conferencing solutions for daily meetings with colleagues, clients, and vendors? If so, having high-quality audio and video technology solutions is invaluable for conducting these critical communications. Video communication is the next-best option to in-person meetings.

No matter which video conferencing technology you choose, whether Crestron, Zoom, Teams, or other providers, certain aspects of video conferencing can sometimes interfere with the conversation. Poor lighting, loud air conditioners, and awkward glances toward the screen can interfere with meaningful discussion. Take control of these situations by following this video conferencing checklist and running your meetings smoothly.

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Having high-quality, clear audio is table stakes for any video conferencing call. Why? Because if you begin to experience bandwidth issues, you can turn off the video and maintain the audio portion of the call. You don’t need to see that Tom has on a blue shirt today, but you do need to hear what important input he has about the project. 

To ensure clear and audible sound, consider these checklist items: 

  • Place microphones within a reasonable distance of each presenting speaker in the room. Array microphones are great for this.
  • Consider elements of background noise such as HVAC vents, elevators, and hallways. Place microphones away from these distractors.
  • Use sound-absorbing materials to help contain echo, including acoustic panels, ceiling tiles, carpeting, rugs, or bookshelves.
  • Install speakers/a soundbar near the video screen for more natural conversation.
  • Testing…testing…testing. Always run a sound test before any critical call. 


Using video is the next-best option to being in-person for valuable conversations. Consider this checklist of items to ensure you have high-quality video connections for your meetings:

  • Place cameras at eye level to create a “seat-at-the-table” virtual experience.
  • Ensure all meeting attendees have a clear view of the camera. This setup may mean changing the seating layout in your conference room to a “V” or “U” shape.
  • Keep windows shaded throughout the call and utilize the room’s lighting fixtures instead. This shading will minimize the distraction caused by the sun’s brightness changes.
  • Install your video screen in a prominent place where all room attendees have a clear view.
  • Perform a video test before the call to ensure no other visual distractions on camera. These distractions could include a table that reflects light, hallway traffic, or a low-hanging light fixture.

To keep your video conference meetings running smoothly, it’s best to provide detailed training and practice opportunities for your staff. Being confident in the technology will assist them in having a confident demeanor on calls.

If your business wants help setting up the perfect video conferencing technology, please contact us at Lelch Audio Video for all your AV needs. We look forward to serving your Bloomington, Minnesota, area business.


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