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access control


Is there a stream of people coming and going from your Minneapolis business? Do you really know who’s walking through the doors?  In busy financial, educational, and corporate environments, it’s important to manage who can and can’t enter the building for everyone’s safety. Access control systems make it easy to permit staff inside, and with the expansion […]


Does your Minneapolis, MN, business currently employ access control? If not, we must mention that it’s a crucial element of advanced business security, and we recommend it to all our commercial clients.  If you’ve been wondering how to restrict access to your building and specific areas to authorized personnel only, you’re in the right place. Keep […]

When Outdoor Lighting Matters

There are few places quite as magical as the Wayzata, MN, area, especially if you have a property with a view of Lake Minnetonka. With that said, your home could always look and feel better, and technology can help. At Lelch Audio Video, we believe there is no better way to enhance your outdoor entertainment […]

Access Control Is Your Company’s First Line of Defense

Today, protecting employees and assets is on the mind of most business owners. This has prompted companies to search out the best scalable and appropriate solutions for their type of business, location, and needed level of security, with many turning toward integrated smart video surveillance and the latest access control systems.  Today’s access control systems offer multiple benefits, from […]

Protect Your Business With Remote Access Control

Mobile phones have become our modern-day keys, wallets, televisions, and libraries. They contain so much information about the world and our lives that we rarely seem to go anywhere without them in hand. If you had to choose between unlocking a door with your mobile device or digging in your pocket or purse for a […]

3 Benefits of an Access Control System

What does it take to protect your business in Minneapolis, MN? Security guards, surveillance cameras, or a security system with mobile alerts? Yes, all of them if you’d like! However, there is one technology that you may be forgetting. Access control is one of the most important solutions to safeguard your property and people. It gives you […]

Upgrade Your Commercial Access Control with Brivo

Employees, clients, and guests coming in and out of your Minneapolis, MN business throughout the day and into the evening can leave you feeling a bit uneasy about your company’s safety. How can you have eyes everywhere and ensure your team’s protection? With access control from Brivo, your building’s security is in the palm of your hand. […]

Secure Your Building with Access Control from Trusted & Innovative Brands

Creating and maintaining a safe space at work for all your employees – and clients – is a top priority. One significant way you can provide this security is with a commercial access control system. Managing who comes in and out of your Minneapolis, MN building can give everyone peace of mind. But you need a system […]

Access Control Is a Must for Your Company’s Security System

We know that keeping your offices secured and as a safe space for everyone is a high priority for you, which is why you don’t want to let anything slide when it comes to your commercial security system. Monitoring who comes and goes and regulating who is allowed in at certain hours or designated areas […]

5 Must-Have Components of a Strong Commercial Security Solution

What do you envision when you’re thinking of ways to protect your Woodbury, MN business? Do you think of a security guard at your front door, some cameras surrounding the building, or keycards for limited access? A truly comprehensive commercial security system has a lot of parts, all interconnected to provide the ultimate protection for your space. […]

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