Explore the Latest in Conference Room Design

Have you ever experienced a perfectly choreographed presentation or video conference meeting? You walked into a room where the presenter pushed a button, and the display descended from the ceiling, the audio and video turned on, the remote attendees connected to the platform, and the shades and lighting adjusted to the perfect levels. During the […]

Stay Comfy & Warm This Season With Climate Control

With the upcoming season bringing in the chilly weather, it’s the perfect time to prep your home for the drop in temperature. How can you create an ideal environment within your home’s walls on a daily basis? A climate control system ensures your entire Prescott, WI living space becomes a personal oasis you can return to every […]

Upgrade Your Conference Room Design with Top-Notch AV

A well-run conference room all comes down to communication – and for efficient communication to thrive, you need the proper setup for you and your employees. A top-notch conference room design makes all the difference for your meetings, presentations, and more. In this blog, we’ll dive into what this kind of setup should look like and how […]

Create the Perfect Office Atmosphere with Commercial Automation

Smart commercial automation can simplify every aspect of how your Minnetonka, MN offices run. With an efficient and reliable system, you can create the ultimate workspace environment throughout your entire company – from the office area to every conference room. How your system best serves your company all comes down to the smart technologies and solutions. In […]

Communicate with Ease in the Office – and Anywhere!

Right now, your Minneapolis, MN offices more than likely look very different than they did at the beginning of the year. Whether you have half your employees working from home or perhaps a set, rotating schedule in place – you could potentially have colleagues both in the office or halfway across the city. This setup […]

Give Your Boardroom Automation System a Boost

Keeping your company meetings and brainstorms on track and efficient can be quite a task – but don’t let technical difficulties with your conference room automation system be a potential issue. Bringing Crestron AirMedia to the boardroom automation systems in your Minneapolis, MN office space can transform your daily business operations and keeps meetings running smoothly. In […]

4 Professional Solutions for an Improved Conference Room

When it comes to conference room technology, no company offers more comprehensive solutions than Crestron. From integrated AV systems to room scheduling features, the company lets you create the ideal environment to run seamless meetings, conferences or trainings. In this blog, we highlight four of their most popular conferencing solutions, so you can choose the ones […]

By the Numbers: Learning More about Home Automation Systems

With a home automation system, you can make your Wayzata, MN home more efficient by centralizing control over lighting, climate, security, and more. We’ve discussed the benefits of these systems in the past, as well as their many unique features, but now it’s time to get down to the numbers. In this blog, we highlight some […]

What Are the Best Ways to Control Your Smart Home?

Smart home control is all about convenience. By simplifying management of your technology you can enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of luxury in your Woodbury, MN home. For one, all your subsystems—including lighting, entertainment, security and more—are placed under one roof for easy access. You can then choose how you want to manage your smart home. Would […]

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