Whole-Home Audio Brings Breathtaking Music to Every Room

Whole-Home Audio Brings Breathtaking Music to Every Room

Whole-Home Audio Brings Breathtaking Music to Every Room

Great music is awe-inspiring. It takes our mind from our everyday affairs and urges us to stop for a moment, listen, relax our shoulders, and breathe. It makes the day-to-day activities in our lives a little sweeter, from enjoying dinner with family and friends, performing life’s many tasks, Friday date night, and barbequing in the great outdoors. 

With a home audio installation by Lelch Audio Video, you can experience sound at its best throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Even better? You select the room and the audio source with one button touch. Even better than better? Your smart home can gently wake you with your ‘Good Morning’ playlist and greet you at the end of a long day with the ‘Chillin’ Out’ playlist streaming through your home as soon as you unlock the door. 

Pretty remarkable. 

If you haven’t yet embraced the possibilities in whole-home audio and home automation, now may be the time. Let’s explore this incredible world of high-fidelity sound and how it’s transforming homes in Minneapolis, MN.

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There’s a shared excitement and realization among our many clients who have embraced whole-home audio. They didn’t realize how life-changing a system that enables one-touch high-performance music in every room would be. Now, every family member can enjoy the songs they love and discover thousands of musicians they never knew everywhere. 

When friends come over, or it’s time to gather around the dining table, they fill their home with high-fidelity music. With one tap on a touchscreen or voice command, their five-year-old starts dancing to their favorite tunes. Music makes for a happier home, and science agrees. A study at the University of Missouri demonstrated what we already know—music can improve people’s moods.

But it’s more than high-quality music they come to appreciate. It’s audiobooks, podcasts, and immersive audio for TV shows and movies. Any audio source, from turntables to private digital collections, can be heard in any room. The secret lies in nearly invisible in-ceiling and in-wall speakers of the highest caliber, creating audiophile-quality sound. 

The audio equipment is tucked away in a closet and distributed to every speaker. It’s a sound that fills the air from an invisible source while retaining your home’s aesthetics.  


This kind of home entertainment shouldn’t be reserved for the indoors. There’s nothing quite as beautiful as hearing the pure reproduction of sound outside in the open air. Today’s outdoor speakers enable our team to create even coverage throughout your property, a sound field that encompasses your outdoor area.

Satellite speakers look like landscape lights, and underground subwoofers disappear from view. This sound system is controlled from the same user-friendly platform that manages your entire home.

At Lelch Audio Video, we specialize in designing, installing, and programming customized whole-home audio and home automation systems that help you relax and enjoy life’s everyday moments a little more. To learn about the nearly limitless possibilities in today’s audio, video, and automation, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Lelch Audio Video today.


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