Introduction to Huddle Rooms: What You Need to Know

Introduction to Huddle Rooms: What You Need to Know

Introduction to Huddle Rooms: What You Need to Know

Sometimes, a single large conference room just isn’t the right solution for your office.

Maybe you have a small group of employees, or you typically would use a boardroom for calls requiring only a few people. 

If you run your business out of an office and notice that meeting space tends to be an issue, you aren’t alone.

huddle room solution, however, can give your Eden Prairie, MN workplace a smaller space for those important business calls that you and your employees might partake in.  

Below, we’ll explore what huddle rooms are and how you can make the most of one (or several) within your office.

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By definition, a huddle room is a small and private meeting space that comes equipped with video conferencing and display technology.

One room typically will hold up to six people and include a standalone camera for teleconferencing, a large monitor and sometimes even a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions.

How can you apply your huddle room into your office’s day-to-day activities? There are plenty of options.

You can host smaller team meetings. You and other company leaders can conduct video conference calls. Employees even can have a dedicated space for project brainstorming sessions.

Don’t feel like you have to settle for just one huddle room, either. You can have multiple huddle rooms in your office so that employees always can have a place for small meetings.


How can you make the most out of your office’s meeting spaces?

For huddle room solutions, that question can have many different answers – especially concerning the technologies used.

You can include a 4K-resolution standalone camera with a wide field of view that can plug into a monitor and show your meeting space in high quality. You can incorporate a lighting system that produces a bright, cool color to encourage productivity and focus. 

The premier huddle room technology, though, is a smart whiteboard. Not only can you brainstorm ideas and digitally save your notes as you go, but you also can use the smart board to double as a 4K-resolution monitor for video conferencing and web browsing.

We at Lelch Audio Video are experts at installing customized meeting spaces for any office. If you think your Eden Prairie, MN business might benefit from a huddle room solution, we can answer any questions you might have.

To find out more, you simply can call us at (612) 353-5087, click on the live chat button at the bottom-right corner of your screen or on the page linked below. We look forward to assisting you!

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