6 Steps of a Professional Home AV Installation

6 Steps of a Professional Home AV Installation

6 Steps of a Professional Home AV Installation

Many home installation projects are easy enough for homeowners to tackle on their own. But then there are the more sophisticated installation projects, such as an AV installation, that should be left to the professionals. Why? Because AV is a luxury purchase, homeowners want to build experiences that provide the most value and enjoyment possible.

Continue reading for six ways a professional team like Lelch Audio Video can help with your home AV installation in Minneapolis, MN.

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Bring in the AV installation team before ordering any technology. Similar to when you install new windows in your home, there is peace of mind in knowing a professional measured the opening. In addition, an AV technician can measure your space and ensure the products you order will fit the area and provide maximum enjoyment. 


Hiding cables and running wires through walls is not something the average homeowner frequently knows how to do. Again, having the right tools is essential to doing the job efficiently and best practice. So many dangerous things are hiding in your walls, such as electrical wires and gas lines, that a trained professional is prepared to work around safely.


Once it’s time to install equipment, relying on a professional team will ensure the job gets done efficiently and accurately. The team will know the best construction methods for mounting an ultra-large television, installing in-ceiling speakers, or implementing a surround-sound system. They will understand the nuts and bolts of a situation, so to speak, and will bring all of the necessary tools with them. This benefit will save you the expense of renting or buying tools for the project.


Now that your AV components have been installed, there is a process for setup to ensure they meet your preferences and specifications. Audio tuning is one example of something that can be challenging. You may feel better having a trained ear provide this service. Additionally, if you want to integrate smart home features with the AV components, a company that sells and installs smart home devices is a great resource and can ensure that you have compatible brands.


When you add to an existing AV system, you may find yourself with an overwhelming number of remote controls. Rely on your AV installation professional to help you consolidate these remote controls and reduce the overall number you need to manage.


Technology is evolving every day, and if you upgraded your systems a while ago or are new to high-end AV technology, having someone to provide hands-on training on your new systems is priceless. In addition, they will teach you the tricks and tips that ensure you get the most value from your purchases. 

When it’s time for your Minneapolis, MN, home to get some new technology, contact the AV installation experts at Lelch Audio Video, you can easily contact us through our website! 


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