Whole Home Audio

Whole Home Audio

Are Smart Home Technology Features Right for Your Home?

Are you ready to discover the wide variety of smart home technology options? How will you know which ones are right for your home? At Lelch Audio Video, we describe smart home technology as a modern luxury that brings limitless convenience to your life. Let us help you plan and implement smart home updates to […]

How Can Whole-Home Audio Elevate This Holiday Season?

The holidays are full of cheer, delicious food, and much-needed time with your family and friends. Since the season is full of hustle and bustle, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement (and even stress) of hosting large gatherings for your loved ones at your home. From meal prepping to decorating […]

Top Sonos Speakers for Your Whole-Home Audio Setup

An accompanying song or a background tune to hum along with while you go about your daily routine is always pleasurable. Bring vivid music and media into your everyday lifestyle with whole-home audio. But for multiroom music to fill your Prescott, WI, living spaces properly – you need the right speakers and audio equipment. We highly […]

Revitalize Your Whole House Audio System

Is your whole house audio system in need of a major boost? Maybe you’re hearing crystal-clear sound, but it just doesn’t have the same delivery you need to feel entirely immersed in your favorite albums or movies. For the powerful audio production that you’re craving, we recommend the MDX Series from Anthem. In every room of your Stillwater, MN home, […]

Listen to Your Music in Every Room with Audio Distribution

Favorite and classic songs playing throughout your daily life can sound like the ultimate dream for any music lover. Whole house audio makes this concept a reality: at just the press of a button, you can have your selected media playlists and vinyl albums streaming in every room of your Minneapolis, MN living space. But what type […]

How Whole Home Audio Enhances Each Room

Music and sound can impact your entire day. It can lift up your spirits as you get ready for the day, and it can wind you down as you prepare for bed later that night. Did you know whole home audio can elevate every room in your Lakeville, MN living space in a variety of ways? In […]

Why Whole House Audio is a Worthy Investment

On any given day, listening to your music and media throughout your Minneapolis, MN home should never be a struggle. A top-notch whole house audio system will not only stream your favorite tunes to every room but will also make playing any song as simple as pressing a button. But just how much value does a full-on […]

Sonance Speakers’ Discreet Opening System Blends with Your Interior Design

When you’re considering bringing high-end audio equipment to your home, you might hesitate. You might envision bulky, obtrusive products and speakers that could clutter your home and distract from the actual high-quality music or media you’re trying to hear. But high-end, whole home audio shouldn’t mean sacrificing your Edina, MN home’s interior design. With the Sonance architectural […]

The Top Benefits of a Sonos Sound System

Can you imagine simply pressing a button and hearing your favorite music and media play all throughout your home? That’s the reality that whole home audio creates in your Minneapolis, MN space. And you can take your entertainment to the next level with a Sonos sound system.  In this blog, we dive into what a Sonos […]

Install a Perfect Home Sound System in Your Living Space

If you love music, then you know how important it is to have the right environment and equipment in order to enjoy any auditory experience to the fullest. So how can you optimize your top-notch home sound system in your Minneapolis, MN property to hear your favorite artists and albums as they should be heard? In this […]

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