Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting Solutions

Simplify Your Lighting Control System with Alisse

Smart lighting control can make transforming your home with one-button press a reality. Managing your home’s lighting should never be a hassle. Lutron’s Alisse wall keypad simplifies and streamlines your daily lighting control with every use. Sleek, stylish, and customizable – the Alisse elevates your lighting automation experience completely. Want to find out more about bringing this […]

How Lutron Can Take Over Your Outdated Lighting System

If your Eden Prairie, MN home has a smart lighting system from the now discontinued line, LiteTouch, you more than likely are dealing with outdated technologies that either glitch daily or are simply obsolete. Your lighting control system could be in major need of repair and upgrades; our team at Lelch Audio Video is here help. A […]

Save Energy at Your Business with Automated Lighting

Did you know you can bring light to your entire business, without wasting energy or making your monthly bills skyrocket? With a commercial automated lighting system in place, you can ensure your lights aren’t on when they’re going unused. In this blog, we’ll dive into the various smart automation features that can create a hands-off setup at […]

Don’t Make These Home Lighting Mistakes

You know you can go to your local Best Buy (a home-grown Minnesota favorite) or Home Depot and find all sorts of smart devices for your home. Smart light bulbs, thermostats, locks, irrigation controllers, and much more are easily found up and down the aisles. So why not put them together your own smart home? […]

Motorized Shades – The New Health Benefit

Are we making a bold claim about motorized shades? Perhaps, but we think we can back it up. Consider some known facts from medical science: You might be wondering at this point: what does this have to do with installing motorized shades in my Woodbury home? Read on as we connect the dots! See Also: Why Should […]

Enhance Your Health with Smart Lighting Solutions

When we talk about smart lighting solutions, we often emphasize the convenience and luxury of controlling your lighting when, where and how you choose. However, we’ve never discussed in detail how much your health can improve from circadian-based lighting within your Minnetonka, Minnesota, home. Today, we’ll reveal some basic information about Ketra’s tunable lighting, and how […]

Which Smart Lighting Solution Is the Best for Your Home?

As the choice Lutron provider in Lakeville, MN, Lelch Audio Video can find the ideal smart lighting solution for you regardless of your needs, home specifications or preferences. We’ll dive deeper into each of Lutron’s product offerings in this blog, starting with lighting control systems and then talking about motorized shades to help you figure out which is the […]

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