Screen Innovations

Screen Innovations

An Outdoor Shading System Provides the Ultimate Comfort this Summer

Make the most of your Minnetonka, MN backyard this summer and spend time with your family and friends on your patio or porch, soaking up the outdoor breeze. But with that breeze comes the harsh and intense sun rays that can ruin any relaxing day with discomfort and damaging heat. Protect your gathering space from […]

Motorized Shades for Every Part of Your Home

When you think of motorized shades for your Wayzata, MN property, you might imagine them in your family room or kitchen for controlling natural light. Or perhaps, you want them in your multipurpose media space because of an annoying glare that comes across your TV screen during the day. Automated shading comes to the rescue for those […]

Bring Audiovisuals That “Wow” To Your Home Theater Installation

When you sit back and relax in your home theater for a movie night or TV show marathon, you want to have your breath taken away with every viewing – it’s what an immersive, custom home cinema does best, after all! But for this high-quality AV performance every time, you need the right audiovisual solutions […]

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater Visuals

When you’re enjoying your films and shows in your own Edina, MN home, you want a tailored, high-end experience. A custom home theater can be as elegant and casual of viewing space as you please – that’s the beauty of its personalization. With Screen Innovations, you can bring a low-profile display to your theater so that the […]

Impressive Outdoor Entertainment Solutions for Your Backyard

As the summer sun starts to shine brighter every day, it’s time to go outside and enjoy the fresh air! But you don’t need to leave home at all to take a break outdoors. By elevating your outdoor entertainment, you can make your Edina, MN backyard the place to be every day this season. Imagine taking […]

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