Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments


With an overwhelming majority of Americans choosing to age in place, there has been a growing need for home improvements that help older adults live comfortably and maintain their independence while also helping to prevent accidents. Motorized window treatments help with just that. Upgrade your home for more comfort and convenience for an aging family member or someone […]

A Day in the Life with Motorized Window Treatments

At first glance, motorized shades seem like a purely cosmetic change. After all, all drapes really do is hang there and look pretty, right? Not quite. Shades and blinds of all kinds can contribute to all sorts of things, from elevating home beauty to saving money and energy. But what does a day in the […]

Why a Professional Should Install Your Motorized Shades

It’s easy to see why motorized shades are one of the most popular smart home upgrades. Not only do they make it easy to manage sunlight, but they boost your decor, safety, and energy efficiency. Due to their popularity, many manufacturers are now offering entry-level DIY solutions. Understandably, many people wonder if a professional installation is still […]

Save Money with Motorized Shades

Many people know that motorized shades are extremely convenient. All the shades in a room can be opened and closed in unison through a wall panel, remote, or app. It’s quick, easy, and has a beautiful result. Did you know motorized shades can save you money? Because of their ability to be automated and set on a […]

Motorized Shades Reshape Your Day in Style

As lighting is so impactful on your daily lifestyle, adjusting how much of it you have in every room throughout the day is a crucial feature of any lighting and shading system. With motorized shades in your Lakeville, MN home, you get to determine how much sunlight peeks through your windows and illuminates your living spaces. Simply […]

An Outdoor Shading System Provides the Ultimate Comfort this Summer

Make the most of your Minnetonka, MN backyard this summer and spend time with your family and friends on your patio or porch, soaking up the outdoor breeze. But with that breeze comes the harsh and intense sun rays that can ruin any relaxing day with discomfort and damaging heat. Protect your gathering space from […]

Motorized Shades for Every Part of Your Home

When you think of motorized shades for your Wayzata, MN property, you might imagine them in your family room or kitchen for controlling natural light. Or perhaps, you want them in your multipurpose media space because of an annoying glare that comes across your TV screen during the day. Automated shading comes to the rescue for those […]

Work with a Motorized Shades Installer to Experience the Palladiom System

Don’t let the hassle of walking throughout your home to lower or raise shades consume any more time of your day than necessary. Managing all the window treatments in your Woodbury, MN home is easier than ever when you team up with a motorized shades installer like Lelch Audio Video. Work with our team of experts, and you’ll experience what the leading lighting and shading brand in the […]

Liven Up Your Living Space with Motorized Blinds & Shades from Lutron

Are you looking to give your Minneapolis, MN living space that missing touch – one that completes your personalized interior design? While motorized blinds and shades from Lutron can bring convenience, comfort, and security to your home, they can also deliver on the design preferences you’ve been searching for to make up your home’s décor. Learn how […]

Incorporate Palladiom Motorized Shades into Your Everyday Lifestyle

Lutron is known in the automation industry for bringing impressive motorized window treatments to homes or businesses. With well-made materials, beautiful designs, and trusted products, their motorized shades are the best for every area of your Stillwater, MN living space. And the Palladiom shading system embodies every benefit of the Lutron name – and takes them a […]

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