Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio and Video with Smart Technology

Conference rooms are the settings for crucial moments in any business: determining next year’s goals, working on a big-picture project, or pitching a proposal to potential clients. Your meeting rooms are often the places where the future of your company is decided.  That’s why you need to equip your Wayzata, MN, meeting spaces with the […]

Let Tunable Lighting Bring Beauty and Natural Light Into Your Home

At Lelch Audio Video, we create smart homes that offer our clients unprecedented, luxurious ease of living. In the process, we also make healthier, more beautiful homes–a sanctuary to relax at the end of a long day. To do this, we partner with automation industry leaders. In the world of light, that brand is Lutron’s […]

What Does Circadian Lighting Do for Your Wellness?

As we spend many of our days inside, our bodies and minds start to take notice. You might feel sluggish midday and want to nap at off-hours, and then be wide awake right before bed – only to feel terribly exhausted the following morning, right as the day begins. This cycle starts to feel unending. […]

How Does Circadian Lighting Affect Your Day & Overall Mood?

Don’t let staying cooped up inside all day start to affect you! Whether you’re indoors completing daily tasks or working from home the majority of the afternoon, your body and mind will begin to naturally miss the feeling of being outdoors – namely, the natural lighting. When you are away from the natural patterns of […]

Lighting Design: A Transformative Impact

Just as music and media liven up your living spaces, lighting has a similar impact on your surroundings. Lighting fixtures take your interior design and showcase it at its best – elevating and drawing attention to your architecture and beautiful décor. With Ketra lighting design, you can truly experience your Minneapolis, MN property in a brand-new […]

Home Wellness Benefits of Ketra Circadian Lighting

Lighting has the power to transform our day, from the moment we flip the switch in the morning to when we’re reading by light as night creeps up on us at the end of the day. But while lighting provides comfort and convenience – and even enhances a home’s personal style – it is also […]

How Tunable Lighting Benefits Your Overall Wellness – and More!

What if your home was a personalized wellness space catered to you? With tunable lighting, you can customize your Minneapolis, MN living place to benefit you on a daily basis. Various smart features of a Ketra human-centric lighting system let you schedule your lighting control to accommodate the time of day and keep your wellness as […]

Enhance Your Health with Smart Lighting Solutions

When we talk about smart lighting solutions, we often emphasize the convenience and luxury of controlling your lighting when, where and how you choose. However, we’ve never discussed in detail how much your health can improve from circadian-based lighting within your Minnetonka, Minnesota, home. Today, we’ll reveal some basic information about Ketra’s tunable lighting, and how […]

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