Home Theater Design

Home Theater Design

A Multi-Purpose Media Room Design Offers Endless Possibilities

You need a place in your own home where you can truly relax and enjoy your favorite films or go-to sitcoms and TV shows! This might be the living room, your own bedroom, or anywhere throughout your Wayzata, MN property that has a visual display and speakers to provide top-notch entertainment. But a dedicated space for delivering your […]

Enhance Your Movie Nights with a Custom Home Theater

Movie night might be once a week – or every night! – but is your Stillwater, MN home up to date with a proper entertainment setup? When you’re deciding to stay in and enjoy a new film or a family favorite, you deserve near-transportation into whatever media you decide upon. How can you achieve this level of immersion within […]

Bring Game Day to Your Space with a Custom Home Theater

Don’t let the next big game day be an average audiovisual experience. Instead, make yourself feel like you’ve been transported to the football stadium itself! With a custom home theater setup, you take tailgating and game-viewing in your Orono, MN living space to a whole new level. Optimize your home entertainment and create a personalized media center […]

Bring Audiovisuals That “Wow” To Your Home Theater Installation

When you sit back and relax in your home theater for a movie night or TV show marathon, you want to have your breath taken away with every viewing – it’s what an immersive, custom home cinema does best, after all! But for this high-quality AV performance every time, you need the right audiovisual solutions […]

An Optimized Home Theater Design Brings the Cinematic Experience to You

Does your entertainment setup feel lackluster? Are you unimpressed by your viewing experience the moment you press play? You want your home cinema or media room to “WOW!” you from the moment you fire up the system and sit down to enjoy a new film or TV series – but that can only happen if […]

For Incomparable Home Entertainment, Team Up with a Trusted Home Theater and AV Installer

Creating your own personalized home theater or entertainment setup in your Minneapolis, MN living space is the perfect way to find a haven within this unique year. A cozy, inviting, and immersive cinema or media room can transport you to a whole new world without you ever having to leave the indoors. For a custom […]

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater Visuals

When you’re enjoying your films and shows in your own Edina, MN home, you want a tailored, high-end experience. A custom home theater can be as elegant and casual of viewing space as you please – that’s the beauty of its personalization. With Screen Innovations, you can bring a low-profile display to your theater so that the […]

Set Up the Ultimate Smart Home Theater with a Professional Installation

Designing, creating, and building a dedicated home cinema for your Minneapolis, MN living space is no easy feat. But you can make this expansive project hassle-free for yourself by teaming up with professional home theater builders for your whole installation. Our team at Lelch AV will ensure you get the home theater you’ve always envisioned. But what […]

Introduction to Everything Dolby Vision HDR

Never watch a film or show in your own home the same way again. With a dedicated home theater, you can immerse yourself entirely in your media and host the ultimate movie nights for friends and family. If you’re considering bringing a cinema to your living space, you might want to consider two factors. One, […]

Transform Your Home Theater with Meridian Audio

Recently we wrote on these pages about Meridian Audio and the unique digital processing technology they apply to their electronics and speakers. The company’s long history in digital has contributed to standards such as the DVD-Audio disc and Dolby TrueHD, and more recently they were the driving force behind MQA, the emerging standard for distributing lossless, high-resolution […]

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