Home Lighting Design

Home Lighting Design

Brighten Up Your Living Spaces with Ketra Linear Light Fixtures

Lighting can dramatically impact how you experience a room. And when it’s your own home, you want the lighting to help you feel balanced, focused, and at ease throughout the day. With linear light fixtures under cabinets, you’ll gravitate towards the lighting to find things easier and achieve a warm ambiance in the space. With Ketra, the […]

Showcase Your Whole Home with High-End Residential Lighting Design

If lighting can brighten your living spaces and mood all at once, then it certainly has the power to transform the way your entire home environment is perceived and viewed. Lighting is a powerful tool you can optimize to best showcase every corner of your Wayzata, MN home. But for the right design to come across properly, you need to team up with […]

3 Tips for a Beautiful, Safe Landscape Lighting Design

Summer has come to Minnesota, making this the time to gather your friends and family for backyard dinners and other fun outdoor activities. While watching TV or listening to music outside is very enjoyable and relaxing, doing so late at night can be hazardous without proper lighting. Which brings us to landscape lighting. Not only does proper lighting […]

Which Smart Lighting Solution Is the Best for Your Home?

As the choice Lutron provider in Lakeville, MN, Lelch Audio Video can find the ideal smart lighting solution for you regardless of your needs, home specifications or preferences. We’ll dive deeper into each of Lutron’s product offerings in this blog, starting with lighting control systems and then talking about motorized shades to help you figure out which is the […]

Why Is Lighting Specification and Design So Important?

Every inch of your home includes some artificial lighting. There are the lights along your driveway for security, the accent fixtures added by your interior designer, and task lighting over the oven and sink. How can you make sure all these lights work together when they often have such different goals? As you prepare your […]

Make Your Interiors Shine

If you are planning to build a new home or remodel your existing one, you want to make it yours. Likely you have seen design elements you loved in a friend’s house, builder models or a Parade of Homes, and want to incorporate them. You may have communicated some of these ideas to your architect […]

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