Home Automation System

Home Automation System

Upgrade Your Home Automation System with Josh.ai

A smart home automation system should make everyday living across your Minneapolis, MN, smart home a breeze. Is your system up to par? You can effortlessly elevate your smart home setup with the best voice control system, Josh.ai. With Josh.ai, you can just say the word to create your ideal home atmosphere day in and day out. […]

4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation

Home automation is no longer a niche industry limited to luxury estates. You can now find smart home sections at various retail stores ranging from Best Buy to Lowes. These stores offer a plethora of connected devices including thermostats, door locks, and lights. With the mainstream availability of so many smart devices, many people are […]

How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

The biggest thing to hit the smart home industry in 2017 is the emergence of voice control. Though Amazon Echo has dominated the market so far, Google Home and Apple HomeKit also offer their versions of voice-activated speakers that can manage timers, locks, climates, entertainment and more. We’ve incorporated this new technology into our home automation […]

By the Numbers: Learning More about Home Automation Systems

With a home automation system, you can make your Wayzata, MN home more efficient by centralizing control over lighting, climate, security, and more. We’ve discussed the benefits of these systems in the past, as well as their many unique features, but now it’s time to get down to the numbers. In this blog, we highlight some […]

How to Get More Out of Your Outdoor Spaces with Smart Technology

It may still be a bit frigid in Woodbury, MN, but the hot summer months are just around the corner. You want to be prepared to take in the heat as much as you can! A home automation system makes it easy to manage your outdoor spaces including your patio, backyard, and pool. We give you access […]


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