How Can Home Automation Help You Care for Your Family?

Your home is your family’s epicenter. It’s the one place where they should always feel happy, comfortable and safe. We know you do your best to get your Minnetonka, Minnesota house up to the task. But there’s no reason that you should be bearing the burden alone. You can take advantage of smart home automation technology that […]

4 Ways Smart Lighting Control Saves You Money

 No technology in your Edina, Minnesota home is used as often as your lighting. But when new upgrades are considered, few people think about home lighting control. A smart solution not only increases the security and comfort of your home, but it also makes it more efficient. At both the residential and commercial level, smart lighting offers […]

Updated Control4 OS 3 Provides More Personalization Than Ever Before

For years, Control4 has been one of the leading home automation systems on the market, helping homeowners easily control all of their smart home technologies. The company has always been easy to use, allowing you to lock your front door and play your favorite playlist through your whole home audio system with the tap of […]

5 Ways To Access Your Control4 Smart Home Control System

Smart homes used to be only science fiction, but now they have become more common in real life. More devices than ever are connected to the internet, and a home automation system makes it easy to access and manage all aspects of your home. Control4 is one of the most renowned home automation brands because […]

Work with a Trusted Home Automation Installer for Your Smart Projects

Have you thought about bringing smart home automation to your Edina, MN property – or even considered upgrading your existing systems? Smart technology should be both simple to manage and easy to bring into your home. With Control4, you enjoy a setup that’s catered to you and your family, and with Lelch Audio Video, you […]

Team Up With A Control4 Dealer For Your Smart Home Installations

Working with home automation companies should ease up every aspect of the design-build process and installation. When you team up with a smart home company you can trust, the rest of the project comes together effortlessly. Your premier Control4 dealer in the Prescott, WI area, Lelch Audio Video, assists you with every step of your home automation installation. You can bring […]

Upgrade Your Control4 Home Automation System with OS 3

Your smart home automation system should consistently be improving and elevating life in your Edina, MN living space, whether through your motorized shades, smart security, or top-notch entertainment setup for everyone to enjoy. So how can you take your system to the next level to further add more convenience, comfort, and efficiency to your special occasions and […]

Why We Suggest Keypads for Your Home Lighting Automation System

Considering some design adjustments to your home this spring? Don’t neglect the look of your home lighting automation accessories. Not every fixture ranks the same in terms of aesthetic qualities and customization, so we like to advocate for fewer switches and more keypads when we install smart lighting systems in Minneapolis, MN, homes like yours. After all, […]

How Control4 Helps You Survive a Horrific Winter

As we’re currently witnessing, a Minneapolis, MN winter can be, quite frankly, brutal. Below-zero temperatures, icy roads and gloomy skies can give you cabin fever after just a day or so. Though we can’t fix the chill outside, we can make some suggestions to keep you warm and comfortable and enjoy your time inside. A […]

An Award-Winning Smart Home in Plymouth

It’s always nice to be recognized.  Lelch AV was recently honored with a Trillium award from the Builder’s Association of the Twin Cities.  The awards go to projects that builders are particularly proud of with their trade partners and subcontractors – like us – getting the Trillium award. The winning project involved a significant remodel […]

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