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Amazon Alexa

Control4: Smart Home Automation Your Way

With so many smart devices around us, from smart thermostats to lighting, how we interact with them is important.  In fact, human interface design is so important it’s a prime reason why people choose one product over another, especially when it comes to technology.  Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh?  IOS or Android?  These are some […]

5 Upgrades That Will Improve Your Smart Home’s Functionality

The holidays are approaching, and it’s time to begin brainstorming gift ideas for your family. Here’s one: Consider a gift for your home that each member of your household can use every day. Smart home automationSmart home automation upgrades not only serve as the perfect present, but they also benefit your residence long after the holidays. […]

Is Bad Audio Quality Ruining Your Family’s Lifestyle?

Right now, multi-room audio is the most prominent trend in home entertainment. Wireless speakers make it easier than ever to share music in any room of your Woodbury, MN home. From an app, you can access thousands of songs. Then, at the press of a button, you can get those songs to play anywhere. For […]

How Lighting Control Helps You Move Beyond the Wall Switch

Why are you settling for light switches in your house? Not only are you limited to on and off options, but you can only manage a few lights at a time. A smart lighting control system lets you adjust your lights in a variety of new ways. Through the control options we’ll outline below, you can change […]

How to Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Smart Home

The biggest thing to hit the smart home industry in 2017 is the emergence of voice control. Though Amazon Echo has dominated the market so far, Google Home and Apple HomeKit also offer their versions of voice-activated speakers that can manage timers, locks, climates, entertainment and more. We’ve incorporated this new technology into our home automation […]

What Are the Best Ways to Control Your Smart Home?

Smart home control is all about convenience. By simplifying management of your technology you can enjoy the ultimate lifestyle of luxury in your Woodbury, MN home. For one, all your subsystems—including lighting, entertainment, security and more—are placed under one roof for easy access. You can then choose how you want to manage your smart home. Would […]

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