Top Benefits of Voice-Controlled Home Automation

At first, voice control might seem a bit daunting to you. While in general, a smart home can still often feel like a futuristic concept, voice control takes it a step further. But by integrating voice control into your smart system via Amazon’s Alexa, you will see just how much this solution simplifies your whole […]

4 People Who Need Voice-Control Devices

Voice-activated devices like Amazon Echoes are joining Edina, MN homes like yours in droves. According to a report by Strategy Analytics, Q4 sales of smart speakers reached 12 million units worldwide. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were wrapped in holiday paper right now. Many smart home owners enjoy the novelty of hearing […]

How Lutron Can Make Your Technology Smarter

In the past, we’ve written about the many benefits of lighting control systems.  We’ve also written about Lutron, the acknowledged leader in lighting control, and some of its many features.  But Lutron has also done some exciting things to blend lighting with other home automation features.  In this blog, we’d like to feature a couple of useful […]

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