Home Automation

Home Automation

How Can Home Automation Help You Care for Your Family?

Your home is your family’s epicenter. It’s the one place where they should always feel happy, comfortable and safe. We know you do your best to get your Minnetonka, Minnesota house up to the task. But there’s no reason that you should be bearing the burden alone. You can take advantage of smart home automation technology that […]

Upgrade to a Smart Home in Six Steps

Lelch Audio Video Designs a Solution Customized Just for You  There’s no denying the allure of a smart home automation system that offers intuitive, centralized control of your lights, entertainment, security and more. While the comprehensive nature of a smart home –from the control of simple appliances to complete home surveillance – makes it appealing, it also […]

Lighting Control Minneapolis

Life gets busier every day. You rush out the door every morning to go to work. About halfway there one day, as you’re stuck in traffic, you wonder if you turned off the lights when you left. You have no way to know until you get home. Or do you? If you have lighting control […]

Home Automation Products

Not long ago, the thought of home automation was nothing more than wishful thinking or something straight out of a science fiction movie. Home Automation Products – For You Well today that dream has become a reality! Lights can be turned on and off from remote locations. The front door can be locked while you’re […]

Comfort and Convenience with Home Automation Systems

The Comfort and Convenience of Home Automation Systems by Lelch Audio Video In this age of technology, many people are enjoying the benefits of a having a home automation system capable of monitoring both the interior and exterior of their residence that can be fingertip activated regardless of where they are. Home automation systems have […]

How Can Your Family Benefit from Home Technology Systems

Family Benefits of Integrated Home Technology Systems Today, technology is everywhere. And the ages of the users are getting younger and younger. Tablets and iPads have all kinds of apps, some even for babies! So parents need to be aware of the different home technology systems and the benefits of integrating them. It is also […]

The Top 5 Uses and Conveniences of Home Technology Integration

Top 5 Benefits of Home Technology -Uses and Conveniences Having your home connected to a home automation system enhances your sense of personal security, not to mention all of the convenience aspects a connected home technology solution can perform. The fact that both of these issues can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet or other […]

Minneapolis Smart Home Control Systems

Your Minneapolis Smart Home It’s one of those mornings. You’re running late, trying to get everyone fed and out the door, and on your way to work it hits you. “Did I turn off the stove? Is my curling iron still plugged in? Did I lock the front door?” You could turn around and go […]

Smart Bloomington Homeowners Insist on Qualified Home Automation Installers

Discerning residents of Bloomington, MN know not to trust just anyone with their Home Automation design and installation. They call Lelch Audio Video, the experts in home systems automation, lighting, and alarm installations. Making the decision to upgrade your living experience with home automation installation is one of the best investments you can make as […]

Smartphone Home Control and Monitoring

Run Your Home More Efficiently Right from Your Smartphone Until scientists figure out a way that we can physically be in two places at once, the best solution for running your home more easily, efficiently and securely, is to do it from your smartphone from any location. Lelch Audio Video is seeing the popularity of […]


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