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Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Motorized Shades - The New Health Benefit

Yes, Motorized Shades Can Improve Your Well-Being

Motorized Shades - The New Health Benefit

Are we making a bold claim about motorized shades? Perhaps, but we think we can back it up. Consider some known facts from medical science:

  • Exposure to sunlight increases absorption of Vitamin D, a critical nutrient
  • Natural light helps ward off seasonal depression - especially from long gray winters (unfortunately they are a Minnesota reality)
  • Interestingly, natural light helps with sleep, and we know that sleep is critical to good health

You might be wondering at this point: what does this have to do with installing motorized shades in my Woodbury home? Read on as we connect the dots!

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Audio-Video Entertainment

Make Your Outdoors the New Entertainment Zone

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Audio-Video Entertainment

In the land of 10,000 lakes, spring sometimes takes a while to get here. But when it does, it’s great to be outside – we do, after all, have 10,000 lakes. Right about this time of the year, the mild weather is beckoning us outdoors after the long winter.

It's time to plant the spring and summer annuals, enjoy the greening grass of the lawn, and celebrate the blooming of the trees in Eden Prairie. It's also time to clean up the grill and get it ready for a season's worth of outdoor cooking. And we have one more suggestion to make the most of the warmer season in Minnesota – an outdoor audio-video system.

Why outdoor audio-video? Don’t we have enough screens already? Think of outdoor audio-video as the perfect complement to your activities. Music can liven up an outdoor party or relax you as you lounge in the sun. Rock out to your favorite tunes as you grill the steaks at sunset. With an outdoor TV, you can keep an eye on the Twins game while you grill or enjoy a summer movie night on balmy evenings with the family.

Have we tempted you yet? Read on for some more ideas on turning your outdoor space into your summer entertainment zone.

Why We Suggest Keypads for Your Home Lighting Automation System

Get more customization and streamlined control by swapping your switches for keypads

Why We Suggest Keypads for Your Home Lighting Automation System

Considering some design adjustments to your home this spring? Don’t neglect the look of your home lighting automation accessories. Not every fixture ranks the same in terms of aesthetic qualities and customization, so we like to advocate for fewer switches and more keypads when we install smart lighting systems in Minneapolis, MN, homes like yours.

After all, we believe the sharpest-looking design should accompany the smartest lighting. Keep reading to see why the intuitive nature of these Control4 devices will make you want to part with your outdated lighting switches and start using keypads.

Is Your Home Theater Optimized for Multi-Use Entertainment?

A home theater installer designs media spaces that family and friends will enjoy for years

Is Your Home Theater Optimized for Multi-Use Entertainment?

A home theater no longer means a dark room dedicated to watching movies. If the idea of being stuck in an isolated room of the house doesn’t appeal to you, we have another entertainment space for you to consider.

Have you ever considered a multi-use media room for your Edina, MN, home? Enjoy all your favorite content within an open environment that will make guests and family feel welcome to share the entertainment experience with you.

When you enlist the help of an experienced home theater installer, you can have all the major components, such as cineplex-quality audio and video in the comfort of a family-friendly space. Keep reading to see how we can elevate your home!

Lose Yourself to Aural Reverie with Bowers and Wilkins Speakers

Immerse Yourself in the Music with a Listening Room

Lose Yourself to Aural Reverie with Bowers and Wilkins Speakers

Remember the living room, the dining room, the den, and yes, the home theater? Those rooms all seemed to have a specific purpose. The trend in home design has gotten away from that. No, we're not saying houses don't have those rooms anymore. But the trend toward more casual lifestyles has also led to a tendency to more open concept homes, where kitchens may well be the ultimate multi-purpose room, and other rooms pull double or triple duty as well.

In our media-filled world, another trend is to have audio and video entertainment practically everywhere in the home. Your office computer or laptop handily doubles as an entertainment device. Whole home audio setups can put music in every room, and outdoors too. Flat-panel TVs and wireless connections have made it so that you can have one on a wall anywhere - including the kitchen.  So we can have our content anywhere and everywhere, but we may be doing more than listening or watching in all of those places - we may be multitasking; cooking, doing homework, returning email and messages, and connecting to our work remotely.

There was a time when things like watching TV or listening to music, were more focused affairs. And a trend is afoot to return to more concentrated enjoyment of content, especially with music. But our homes with their open design and multipurpose rooms tend to limit that. The answer many are turning to is the listening room.

Just what is a listening room? It can be any room in your home where you can comfortably sit - without distraction - and listen to your favorite music. Scientific studies abound about the benefits of music, but you probably don't need the science to know how good music can make you feel - especially when you are relaxed and focused on listening.

If you think that a listening room sounds like an idea whose time has come in your Eden Prairie home - and you want to know more, just read on. We're going to tell you how to transform your music experience with a listening room and great speakers from Bowers and Wilkins (B&W).

Transform Your Home Theater with Meridian Audio

Meridian’s Cinema Design Services Makes It Easy

Transform Your Home Theater with Meridian Audio

Recently we wrote on these pages about Meridian Audio and the unique digital processing technology they apply to their electronics and speakers. The company's long history in digital has contributed to standards such as the DVD-Audio disc and Dolby TrueHD, and more recently they were the driving force behind MQA, the emerging standard for distributing lossless, high-resolution audio over the internet.

While their unparalleled digital audio chops are well known in hi-fi audio circles, you might not think of Meridian when it comes to home theater audio. However, they bring their digital audio processing magic to home theaters as well. In an all-Meridian system, the speakers are self-powered and the audio travels to them in digital form, keeping the signal pure until it gets converted to analog sound at the speaker.

In whole home and many home theater installations, clients want in-wall speakers for an integrated look that doesn’t upset the décor. You might be wondering if something like a powered, digital in-wall speaker is possible – it is. Meridian has developed two new in-wall digital speakers, the DSP520 and the DSP640, to make sleek hi-fi and home theater applications a reality with their unique high-resolution audio processing.

As powered in-wall speakers clearly have some differences from conventional powered speakers, Meridian has taken an extra step to ensure that their products deliver the ultimate in audio performance. They have a free design service for custom integrators like Lelch Audio-Video to make it easy to incorporate Meridian technology for home theaters and whole home installations. So if you want the powerful, detailed high-resolution audio quality of Meridian in your Woodbury home, now you can have it in your home cinema and throughout the house.

To learn more about a Meridian system for home theaters and whole home audio, just keep reading.

Are You Following These Important Safety Tips in Your Home?

The Right Tools and Steps Can Help You Better Protect Your Family

Are You Following These Important Safety Tips in Your Home?

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe at all times. Do you know what steps to take to protect your Lakeville, MN home adequately? Installing a home security system is only the first one. Security is a multi-faceted effort, and how you use your system and the features you decide to include make a huge difference. Getting a few locks and an alarm won't do the trick. Our technology offers advanced tools to give you peace of mind. On top of that, we'll show you how some small adjustments to your family routines help as well.

Cut the Cords with Motorized Shades!

Why Automated Window Treatments Are Safer, More Convenient

Cut the Cords with Motorized Shades!

At Lelch Audio Video, we want your home experience to be as convenient, intuitive and safe as possible -- with no strings attached. That’s why we highly recommend motorized shades for your Eden Prairie, MN, home. When integrated with your other smart home technologies, automated window treatments provide the next layer of comfort and style to your residence or getaway.

Home technology should always feel simple to use. Without cords, you can tap a button, speak a command or set a scene, and your shades will act accordingly. Lelch AV would like to create this experience for you. Imagine the possibilities when you can open your home to the beautiful Minnesota scenery, protect your privacy and more  while losing the cords. Keep reading to learn how smarter shades can make a difference in your home.