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Home Audio Systems & Installations for the Minneapolis Area

Experience seamless integration and superior sound quality in every corner of your home.

Minneapolis Home Audio Installation Services

Create Your Personal Audio Sanctuary 


Experience the pinnacle of home audio with cutting-edge installation solutions from Lelch Audio Video. Delight in the rich sounds of your favorite streaming services, vinyl records, or digital music collections, all accessible from a single device. 


Our strategic designs minimize mess and elevate your Minneapolis home’s ambiance by discreetly tucking away equipment in specialized AV closets. We thoughtfully integrate custom mounts and architectural speakers to ensure the technology enhances rather than overshadows your home’s interior design. This harmonious marriage of tech and style transforms your space into a distinguished entertainment sanctuary, where sleek aesthetics and exceptional audio quality converge for an unparalleled experience.

Multi-Room Audio

Sound That Moves With You


Elevate your listening experience with our multi-room audio systems, designed to deliver flawless sound throughout your whole home. With a simple tap on a smart remote, smartphone, or tablet, you can immediately control your entire music library, favorite streaming services, and even your vinyl and CD collections. 


Learn more about our home automation solutions and discover how you can transform your Minneapolis-area living space with advanced audio and automation.


Create the ideal atmosphere for any event— whether it’s a lively social gathering or a tranquil night in. Our in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers produce outstanding sound while integrating flawlessly with your home’s décor, maintaining the integrity of your unique aesthetic seamlessly.

LEON speakers, two in black

High-Performance Audio

Expertly Crafted Sonic Solutions for Surround and 2-Channel Systems

Unlock the full potential of audio performance with our high-end systems, meticulously engineered for both expansive surround sound and precise 2-channel listening. Experience unmatched clarity and power through high-fidelity speakers that fill your space with rich, detailed sound. 

Our experts precisely calibrate each speaker to harmonize with your room’s acoustics and tailor them to your preferences, ensuring the best audio experience in any setting. We enhance this with custom acoustic treatments that minimize background noise and fine-tune the environment, allowing the purest sound reproduction possible. 

This meticulous customization elevates your home audio to rival the finest professional studios, making every listening moment exceptional.

Outdoor Audio Systems in Minneapolis, MN

Exceptional Audio for Outdoor Entertainment


Enhance your outdoor areas with our premium audio systems, engineered to deliver crystal-clear sound that transforms any outdoor setting into a vibrant entertainment venue. Built to endure the elements, our robust and weather-resistant systems ensure that your music and audio remain pristine throughout the seasons. Each setup is intuitively designed for ease of use and crafted to integrate beautifully with your outdoor environment, whether you’re hosting lively garden parties or unwinding by the pool. Experience the ultimate in outdoor audio, perfectly attuned to complement your external living spaces’ natural beauty and atmosphere.


Proudly serving the greater Minneapolis area, Lelch Audio Video is your local expert for all home audio needs, from multi-room audio systems to high-performance setups designed for the sophisticated audiophile. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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