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Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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Commercial and Retail Electronic Sign Installation


Custom Designed, Installed Retail Signage Systems Get Message Across

Retail operators in the 21st century, especially restaurant owners, are more challenged than ever when it comes to getting customers to notice their signage. The sheer volume of signage alone makes it more difficult than ever to stand apart from the crowd.

Installed Digital Signage Solutions

But smart business owners who want to effectively get their message across rely on Lelch AV to provide them with the perfect solution for delivering their advertising message to their target audience. Lelch AV is the number one choice for custom designed and installed, stage of the art digital signage for retail facilities of all sizes and categories, ranging from fashion and home improvement stores to white tablecloth restaurants and neighborhood cafes.

Digital advertising that is professionally designed and installed by the experts at Lelch AV is one of the most effective ways to spend your business advertising dollar. Lelch digital retail signage services can create a unique advertising billboard that combines the right text, videos and images to create an advertisement that is not only memorable but one that also inspires customers to buy.

Among the many benefits of choosing large flat screen LCD digital retail signage is that business owners can choose to run different messages on the same display, programmed to run at the optimal time of day to reach a specific audience. Digital signage also makes it possible for retail operations to increase their revenue by selling advertising space on their signage to vendors and brands that complement their own brand and advertising message.

The ability to change your message on a moment's notice makes the custom designed digital signage installed by Lelch much more effective because it offers a message that is always up to date. The digital signage we design is never a cookie-cutter application but is custom tailored to each retail operation's specific needs. Our signage systems can be installed in indoor as well as outdoor applications to increase saturation of your message and appeal to several different audiences at the same time. Restaurants and retail stores can easily advertise special offerings, deals offered for a limited time span, special flash sales, sale prices, signature menu items and promotions or special events.

Increase Revenue per Customer with Digital Messaging

Digital signage has proven to be instrumental in increasing point of sale purchases by customers. Colorful, well-executed retail signage never gets boring and customers look forward to seeing the exciting new messages and graphics, videos and flash animations that are presented using our patent signage technology. Hundreds of satisfied retail customers have told us that our digital signage services offers them a way to give prospective customers a live map to encourage their patronage in addition to setting them apart from the competition. You don't have to get lost in the jungle of advertising messages out there!

Get Started with your Digital Signage Design and Installation Now

Contact Lelch AV to schedule a consultation with one of our digital signage service experts to discover the attractive return on investment that results from your decision to switch to our custom designed and professionally installed retail signage systems.


Corporate Boardroom Presentation Systems Installed

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More Powerful Messages Delivered With Professionally Designed, Installed Corporate Boardroom Presentation Systems

First impressions are lasting impressions, especially when it comes to what happens in today's highly competitive business market. Savvy business owners know that they never have a second chance to make that all-important first impression.

Commercial Presentation Boardroom Systems

Which is why companies rely on Lelch Audio Video to make their corporate boardroom presentation systems as powerful, effective and impressive as possible. As soon as a company invests in upgrading the audio/visual tools it uses to make presentations to its customers, the rate of return is very noticeable in terms of increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced employee morale and better overall communication.

Custom Systems Designed and Installed

The professionally designed and installed Interactive Whiteboards provided by Lelch to enhance the quality and style of corporate boardroom presentations go beyond simple projections of images and slides on a screen. Whether you need to make a first-class presentation to new business prospects in order to close a sale, offer employee training classes or schedule lectures to inform the community about the benefits of the products or services you produce, the commercial presentation systems Lelch custom designs for your business provides a more impressive and effective way to get your message across. Long distance presentations pose no problem using our Video Conferencing technology that makes it easy to connect with one or more satellite offices or locations.

There are numerous benefits to having Lelch Audio Video upgrade your current boardroom presentation systems. The state of the art presentation technology we provide can be accessed by a variety of audiences in several locations, all at the same time. In addition, Interactive Whiteboards feature more exciting and engaging live images rather than a series of boring and static slides, helping your audience feel more excited and engaged. Our commercial presentation systems can help to extend your business reach to an international audience, offering a form of communication that is the next best thing to enjoying a personal face to face meeting.

Expert Lelch technicians can custom design and install an upgraded corporate boardroom presentation system for your company, supported by all major operating systems including UNIX, Windows, Linux and Mac. When your company employs new and improved presentation technology, your audience, whether comprised of business associates, prospective new customers, employees or staff members, immediately feels more engaged, more interested and more receptive to the important information contained in your presentation.

Professional Assistance with complete Corporate AV Solution

Too many companies today unwittingly sabotage their efforts by relying on good content alone to help sell their corporate boardroom presentations. To stay competitive, you need the highest quality images and presentation methods in order to support that content and associate value with the content you are imparting. Contact Lelch Audio Video to find out how our expertise in designing and installing the latest technology in boardroom presentation systems can help retain your audience's attention, make your brand and communicated messages more impressive, as well as increase your profitability and brand recognition.

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Commercial Security Systems Installed

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Custom Installed Commercial Security Systems Prevent Loss

Is the security system for your business up to date? Does it provide your company with the most effective means of protection as well as loss prevention in the most cost effective manner? An increasing number of smart business owners today are taking steps to upgrade their commercial security systems in order to better meet the needs of their business.

But before they spend a dime on increased security, they consult with the experts at Lelch Audio Video. We have years of experience in designing commercial security and surveillance systems for a wide range of businesses, from hospitals and health clubs to restaurants and retail stores.

The most important reasons companies invest in the commercial security and surveillance system services provided by Lelch is its ability to consistently deliver the most reliable and high quality video surveillance products. Lelch proudly partners with vendors representing some of the most respected leading value-driven brands in the professional security industry. Lelch technicians regularly incorporate NUVICO products into its custom designed security systems because of its track record of offering a full line of DVRs and security cameras featuring state of the art dependable design combined with cost effectiveness.

Advanced IP Surveillance Video Systems Installed

NUVICO's HD NVRs offer highly advanced IP video surveillance capabilities, accommodating real time monitoring of activity located anywhere on the business property. These devices also provide centralized monitoring to prevent theft, unauthorized entry as well as supervise factory or warehouse floor and receiving dock activities. NUVICO's HD Internet Protocol(IP) cameras provide the most effective way to send and receive surveillance data via computer networks and the Internet. Employees who work in an environment protected by NUVICO's state of the art security and surveillance products feel safer, more productive and have better self esteem knowing they work for a business that values their safety and security.

Custom installed commercial security and surveillance systems also help business owners prevent theft of products and equipment which averages as high as 2 percent annually for most companies. Fast response to crime reporting is another decided advantage of investing in custom installed commercial security and surveillance systems. A film record of any criminal activity can assist the police in catching the perpetrators and restoring stolen property. And many business owners are pleased to discover that their insurance premiums cost less when they have the foresight to outfit their commercial space with the kind of reliable custom installed security and surveillance system Lelch Audio Video can provide using superior NUVICO products.

Get A Quote for Complete Installation of IP Camera Surveillance Systems

There is no better time than the present to enjoy an impressive ROI by upgrading your current security system. Lelch Audio Video has the expertise and state of the art surveillance and security products ready to ensure your business has a commercial security system installed that offers the custom features that best enhance your productivity, profitability as well as security.


Interactive Home Security and Automation Installed


Axis EmPower Interactive Home Automation and Security Makes Living Convenient - Installed by Lelch Audio Video

Homeowners whose heads are spinning just remembering all the systems they need to set, adjust or activate every day in order to make their properties as secure and comfortable as possible can trust Lelch AV to build a solid base for home automation that makes life more simple and convenient.

Lelch Audio Video knows just how important the lighting, heating, cooling, entertainment and security systems are to safe and comfortable home living. But by adding just a few basic home automation features, Lelch Audio Video makes it easy for homeowners to sit back and relax and allow home automation to do the heavy lifting of controlling a variety of operational systems.

Lelch Audio Video prides itself on partnering with only the finest quality vendors in the security and interactive home automation industry. That's why we recommend the Axis EmPower System so often to homeowners seeking to install reliable, basic home automation that can easily be expanded as desired at some point in the future. Imagine the ease and convenience of being away from home at any hour of the day or night and being able to monitor and control a variety of energy systems, all from the cell phone in the palm of your hand!

Custom Designed, Installed and Programmed - Just for YOU!

Lelch Audio Video can tailor the EmPower Interaction Home Automation and Security System to suit your current needs and then add additional configurations as your needs change. Basic features include automatically setting heating or cooling thermostats on a morning and evening cycle. In addition, lights throughout a home can be set to turn on and off at optimum times throughout the day or night in order to deter burglars and not arouse suspicion that no one is physically on the property. Controlling door locks and appliances can also be integrated into the Axis EmPower System.

Another basic beneficial home automation feature is the installation of user codes assigned to anyone allowed to access your property. These codes enhance your security by conveniently enabling a homeowner to know who opened a locked door to gain access and exactly when. Whether you want to lock a door or window or change the setting on a thermostat, EmPower alerts you via e-mail or text message whenever a change has been implemented. And best of all, installing even the basic, no-frills Axis EmPower Home Automation System saves homeowners money. By putting your home's energy systems on automatic pilot, energy conservation is automatic whether temperatures soar or dip below zero.

Find Out What Lelch Audio Video Can Do For Your Home Security, Automation and Surveillance

Contact Lelch Audio Video for a no-obligation consultation on how the basic features included in the Axis EmPower Interactive Home Automation and Security System introduces you to a worry-free lifestyle where you can sit back and relax and let your home conveniently do all the work to provide easy living!


Home Security and Surveillance Systems featuring NUUO Products


Why Lelch Audio Video Installs NUUO Home Surveillance and Security Products

It's a dilemma facing an increasing number of homeowners today. Although they feel more in control of securing their property when they are physically at home, financial pressures usually demand that both partners in families today have to spend more time away from their homes either at their jobs or traveling for work commitments.

With an increasing number of families becoming single parent households, children often come home to an empty household without supervision. Homes where there is no sign of activity for extended periods of time or where children are alone for periods without adult supervision often become targets of criminal activity. Homeowners have a need to keep their properties and family members safe and secure without being physically present in the home at all hours of the day or night, but hiring a security staff is a cost prohibitive measure for most.

Lelch Audio Video offers the perfect solution to give conscientious homeowners more peace of mind and keep their properties better secured on a round the clock basis through the design and installation of custom-tailored home surveillance and security systems. Lelch Audio Video has become a leader in the security industry by not only successfully partnering with homeowners to find the right security systems to eliminate their anxieties and frustrations, but they are also backed by a network of vendors who produce and distribute some of the finest high-tech surveillance and security systems in the world.

Quality Home Security Systems Installed

Lelch Audio Video proudly recommends the reliable, exciting and innovative security product brands from NUUO Inc. when fashioning home surveillance and security systems for their residential customers. NUUO products help to greatly reduce the risk of theft and damage from criminal intruders, in addition to greatly improving a homeowner's ability to access knowledge about exactly what activity is going on around his property even when he must be several blocks or even hundreds of miles away due to work commitments or social engagements. Lelch Audio Video can install a range of NUUO security and surveillance products when outfitting a homeowner's property for maximum safety and security, each of which solves a problem or targets a specific security area.

The NUUO Smart Electronic Housekeeper is fast becoming one of our most popular security options because of its ability to detect and report events as they happen. This Intelligkent Video Surveillance (IVS) system not only automatically contacts the contracted security company, it also automatically relays video feedback to the homeowner. NUUO Mainconsole IVS offers homeowners the option of installing a visual fence that doesn't detract from the natural beauty of the property yet offers all of the necessary security of physical fencing. NUUO Smart House Automation enables homeowners to remotely control all home electronic devices when away from home. And with NUUO NVRSolo, monitoring the homefront is as easy as logging onto the computer or mobile device.

Complete Planning, Design and Installation of Home Security Systems

Just as Lelch Audio Video partners with homeowners who want their properties to be as safe and secure as possible, Lelch Audio Video teams up with NUUO products to provide their clients with the most effective and innovative home surveillance and security products. The combined efforts of Lelch Audio Video and NUUO provides homeowners with an excellent return on their investment whenever they hire Lelch Audio Video to design and install custom-tailored home surveillance and security systems using NUUO products.


Top of the Line Security and Surveillance Systems


Vivotek Products Improve Lelch Audio Video Designed Residential Security and Surveillance Systems

There is a simple reason why Lelch Audio Video, a leader in designing and installing residential security and surveillance systems, incorporates Vivotek products into its systems.

home surveillance installation

After years of perfecting the design and installation of all types of security and surveillance systems and devices into homes of all shapes and sizes, the experts at Lelch Audio Video know that the effectiveness of any system relies both on the quality of its components as well as the level of customer service associated with the system. Lelch Audio Video and Vivotek are of the same mind when it comes to issues of quality, customer service and reliability.

Lelch Audio Video prides itself on having developed a reputation as a designer and installer of superior residential security and surveillance systems that are matched by an equal level of superior customer service. We demand nothing less than the best products for the systems we install for customers. The state of the art IP Network Cameras provided by Vivotek enhance Lelch's ability to create and maintain a reliable and cost effective IP surveillance system for any residence. Why is a networked surveillance system using Vivotek cameras essential for the success of any security system we install into your home?

Remote Monitoring Surveillance Cameras Installed

Vivotek network cameras enable homeowners to locally or remotely monitor what is happening anywhere on their property whenever they are away from home. The live images and audio these high quality cameras transmit offer more detail, more coverage and more security than any other cameras available in today's marketplace. When homeowners hire Lelch Audio Video for security and surveillance system design and installation, we guarantee the highest quality products and service. Incorporating Vivotek cameras into the systems we install on your property allows us to keep that promise.

Security in the Palm of your Hand
Minneapolis Home Security and Surveillance

Lelch has discovered that Vivotek network cameras provide better quality, higher resolution digitized images, in addition to offering the convenience of allowing multiple authorized family members to simultaneously view real-time digitized footage of any activity taking place both inside and outside their homes. These cameras can be connected to 3G cellular phones for personal control in addition to being wireless and eliminating the need for land lines.

Homeowners who feel threatened, powerless, worried or anxious over rising crime statistics regarding residential thefts and break-ins can use their time more productively by scheduling a consultation with Lelch Audio Video to find out how Vivotek network cameras can greatly improve the quality of their lives. Systems implementing Vivotek network cameras provide more safety and security on a round the clock basis, whether or not homeowners can arrange their schedules to be physically present at home.

Custom Home Security and Surveillance Systems Installation

Lelch Audio Video and Vivotek are both quality brands built on a foundation of reliability. For any security issue or problem that arises on a residential property, Lelch Audio Video can custom fashion the right solution incorporating state of the art Vivotek products and equipment into the security and surveillance systems they design for installation into the home. A Lelch Audio Video consultant can show you how you can improve security and recapture your peace of mind by incorporating Vivotek network cameras into a residential security and surveillance system custom-tailored to suit your needs.


Home Automation Installation Conveniently Saves Time and Money for Bloomington Homeowners


Home Automation Conveniently Saves Time and Money for Bloomington Homeowners

Home Automation Bloomington MNFor homeowners throughout Bloomington MN who want to escape the inevitable feelings of stress that often accompany life in the 21st century, the security experts at Lelch AV recommend an easy and convenient solution in the form of a professionally designed and installed home automation system. Trusting the experts at Lelch AV to professionally custom design a home automation system gives homeowners more time to simply sit back, relax and enjoy their time at home. Home automation systems tie every aspect of home security and operation together for simplicity and ease of control.

Automate Your Appliances, Lighting and More - Lelch AV Custom Home Automation

There are numerous benefits that a Lelch AV designed home automation system offers to homeowners who have more important things to occupy their thoughts than questioning whether or not they locked the front door or remembered to set the air conditioning controls so the house isn't sweltering when they arrive home from work. A home automation system outfitted with surveillance cameras can offer round the clock security protection for any property. In addition, home automation systems save homeowners money on their monthly utility bills by offering centralized control of such essential home conveniences as lighting, heating and air conditioning. All of these can be set ahead of time to turn on and off for maximum convenience as well as energy efficiency.

Finally...Convenience that is Easy to Use and Easy to Program!

Home automation systems can offer homeowners the convenience of remote access control. A change in schedule at work or heavier than expected traffic on the roads doesn't add stress to a homeowner's life when their house has been professionally outfitted with a Lelch AV installed home automation system. Any system within the home can be remotely controlled or changed easily without the homeowner having to be physically present in the house. Home automation system even takes the struggle out of such simple operations as watering the lawn because the homeowner can control when and where the sprinkler system will turn on and off automatically.

Custom Designed and Integrate Home Automation Installation Systems - Bloomington, Minneapolis Area

Bloomington MN homeowners who have hired Lelch AV to install home automation love all of the extra time they enjoy that they used to spend in worry and effort. They also enjoy having extra money in their pockets thanks to the energy efficiency that accompanies controlling lighting, irrigation, security, heating and cooling systems all from one central control panel with the touch of one button. [sc:insertbutton]

Remote Home Monitoring Increases Peace of Mind for Edina Homeowners

Remote Home Monitoring Increases Peace of Mind for Edina Homeowners

Edina MN Remote Home MonitoringBusiness and social commitments often require that homeowners throughout the Edina MN area be away from their homes, sometimes for just an hour or two in the local community and other times for extended time periods at distances quite far away. Lelch AV makes it possible for homeowners to enjoy more peace of mind and less feelings of disconnection while they are away through the design and installation of high quality home monitoring systems that can be accessed remotely.

Leverage our Years of Experience with Home Automation Design and Installation

Lelch AV has years of experience in the field of remote home monitoring and has been a leader in this aspect of the security field since its infancy. Today, highly trained technicians at Lelch AV can design a system of security cameras installed within the home that make it possible for the homeowner to view whatever activity is going on there from a distance simply by using a smart phone, tablet or computer. Cameras connected to a central control system provide high quality pictures that can also be transmitted to a selected alarm company for added security. Home monitoring is a great way to watch what children are doing during after school hours before parents arrive home from work. Home monitoring cameras are the next best thing for a parent to being there to ensure that children are actually doing their homework rather than engaging in computer games or watching television. And home monitoring can prove to be an essential tool when checking out whether a nanny or baby sitter are properly supervising and caring for the children left in their charge. Home monitoring systems are perfect for checking in on family pets, too, and seeing whether or not pet sitters are providing adequate care.

Check on your Home Remotely - While on Vacation

Edina MN homeowners away on business trips and vacations have reported that they sleep much better knowing that their Lelch AV installed home monitoring system is in place, giving them the option of checking in to see any activity going on both inside and outside the home. Lelch AV designed and installed home monitoring systems enable homeowners the option of being visually connected to any room in the house as well as the garage and exterior property. Lelch AV can custom design a home monitoring system just right for your specific needs to help increase the level of safety and security felt by every member of the family.