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Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416
Call Today (612) 353 5087   |   5600 Excelsior Blvd, Ste. 201, St. Louis Park, MN 55416

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How Having an Automated Home Can Impact Your Energy Consumption and Electricity Bill

Automating your St Paul Area Home

[sc:buttonstyle] Despite what automated homes are portrayed as in fiction and sci-fi movies, the fact is that an automated home is much safer than a normal home, that’s if it’s designed properly. The term home automation basically means the interconnection of various appliances and devices in a household, for example, its security, lighting, heating and cooling, not to mention home theater installation. All these components and some others are controlled by a master control system which allows the user to preset, manage and monitor the different appliances which come under the automation system. In turn, proper management of the utilities and devices ensures a reduction in the energy consumption of your automated St. Paul house. Home automation can only be energy efficient if it has been designed properly and if the house allows it to be. This is where installing the right technology and programming it properly comes in. Some of the areas where home automation can be useful for energy consumption are as follows.

How Home Automation Saves Energy Consumption:

Although the different controls, sensors and processors use only little energy, it can add up over time if you don’t have a proper plan to work the automation system. Home automation installation companies like Lelch A/V in the St. Paul, Minneapolis area have professional technicians and consultants who are fully qualified to carefully plan and install all the components in the automation system to ensure it saves as much energy as possible.

Heating and Cooling:

One of the most effective ways of saving energy using a home automation system is by regulating the climate in your home. This can easily be done with the help of timers and sensors that can control the cooling and heating units and make the most of the system. Comfortable temperatures can be programmed to automatically start heating or cooling your home while you are on your commute home, for example.


You can save at least ten percent of energy just by switching to energy efficient lighting systems. Automated lights are the best when it comes to controlling energy. The dimmable lighting controls are set to an output of ninety percent, which means that a person saves ten percent of energy every time they flip the switch. Automated lights also help you control the lighting in every room, so the lights can be turned off or dimmed remotely or they can be dimmed or turned off automatically when no one’s present in the room. When you arrive home, the lights can automatically triggered by sensors to light your entry and interior of your St. Paul area home to help increase your feelings of safety and security.

Standby Domestic Devices:

Automated systems also have power strips that are able to cut off all the power in a home theater installation or other appliances that are in standby mode, reducing the consumption of energy that can add up through time.


By using home automation installation, a person is able to monitor their energy consumption levels on the dashboard and make the appropriate changes to their lifestyle and the electric appliances they use. Most energy management gadgets are able to read the power usage from each power point in real time and tell you when you need to alter your energy consumption. If you would like to add any information on the subject or tell us about your experience with home automation system, please feel free to do so. Consider sharing this article with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email. [sc:insertbutton]

Minneapolis Home Automation

[sc:buttonstyle] Remember the old "clapper" commercials? "Clap on...Clap off". Those were hilarious! And those first TV remote controls called "the clicker"? We think back about how ridiculous those products were AND how limited there were. Basically, you could do one thing. Well, two if you count "on" and "off" separately.

Home Automation - Automate Your Life!

Home Automation Maximizes:

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Convenience
  • Energy Savings
As silly as those devices sound now, those are the ancestors of home automation. We could not get to where we are today without Lee Boshen, the inventor of The Clapper and Nikola Tesla the inventor of the TV remote control.

Serving Greater Minneapolis with Home Automation Consulting, Design and Installation

Even in more modern days, a lot of current remote controls still rely on infrared which still requires line of site or at least some surfaces to bounce off of in order to work. Infrared, while light years ahead of clickers and clappers, is still old school. The kind of automation and technology used in our Home Automation Systems we install throughout the Minneapolis area is straight out of Sci-Fi movies! In fact, most of the things you need to control can now be done from your cell phone. Isn't that already close by anyway? It really is possible to control just about anything in your home with the right Lelch Audio Video Home Automation system. Of course, you can turn off lights, operate the TV...and anything connected to it. What about your home HVAC (furnace and AC)? What about preheating your oven? Not just turning those things on but setting the temperature and setting timers. It's all readily available.
  • Control Lighting
  • Control the temperature
  • Control Appliances (large and small)
  • Control your Security System
  • Control your Surveillance System
  • Outdoor Lighting and watering
  • Entertainment Systems

Get Started Minneapolis! Add Home Automation Now!

How do you want to control your home? Through a PC or Mac? Or a smartphone or tablet? Prefer handheld remotes? You'll really like our options here. So, what are you looking to automate? Give us a call to discuss your ideas. We serve the entire Twin Cities - Minneapolis / St Paul area! [sc:insertbutton]

Home Theater Systems


Lelch Audio Video - Complete Home Theater Systems

Remember huddling around and watching video taped movies on tube TV screens?

Some of you probably do. Others did not have to subject their families to such torture. Tinny sounding TV sets and grainy, low resolution video. Those were the days!

I'm sure glad we've moved on! How about you?

Really Hear Your Home Theater System

I can't begin to explain how it felt to me the first time I heard a decent home theater system (goosebumps!). The sound enveloped me. The bass was rich and super low. Floor vibrating lows.

The kind of sound you feel rather than hear. Maybe you've had a similar experience? Mids and highs that sound…realistic. Birds that actually sound like they're chirping. Cars that make you feel like you're the driver. All the surreal and thrilling sounds of speed and horsepower.

  • Mind Blowing Sound Quality
  • "Reach Out and Touch" Video Clarity
  • Video and Audio Experience You Can Feel
  • Comforts and Convenience of Home
  • Safety and Security of Home

Oh, and you can pause the film to, uh, you know!

It does not matter what genre of movie you prefer. They all sound crisper and clearer and more real when driven by a clear, high quality, high wattage system.

Vivid Video on Your Home Theater System

When you watch a movie or a sports event on a large, high definition system you really don't just "watch" the action. You experience it! Incredibly realistic levels of clarity, color depth and resolution that draw you into the action and make you a part of it. We practically guarantee that you'll be so engaged you'll be screaming back at the actors again.

When was the last time you felt that?

Watching action flicks and sports are fantastic but, so are nature films and shows. The insect world or the animal kingdom come alive when you experience them at this level of quality.

Quality Family Time, At Home! - With Your Home Theater System

Movie seats and movie theaters have come a long way over the years. The seats are better, the view has improved, sound has made amazing, ground breaking quality improvements. Many theaters even offer real food and drinks!

Even with all those improvements they still pale in comparison to "home sweet home". At home your home theater/media room can be as comfy and cozy as you want it to be. Bring in the blankets and pillows if you want. Lounge, cuddle, talk, cry, yell back…anything goes when you are home.

Are you ready for this level of video and audio enjoyment?

For your own personal AV needs assessment, evaluation of your room and consultation on potential products to fulfill your dream system, call or click today. You'll be pleased with our service and amazed at what we can do for you.

Lelch Audio Video serves Metro Minneapolis with home theater systems and a lot more!. Call (612) 353-5087 today for an appointment. [sc:insertbutton]

Digital Trends in Home Theater Systems


Move Up to Quality Custom Home Theater Systems

For those who have moved out of an apartment and into a nice home, this has probably left you with a good amount of free space or an extra room to entertain your guests. Getting a superior quality home theater system setup will not only get you bragging rights amongst your friends, but it also is the best way to improve your decor and lifestyle. Putting together a home theater system setup and getting all the components together does not appeal to everybody and rightly so. This process can get very complicated and confusing at times. On the other hand, getting help from experts like Lelch Audio Video in Minneapolis can make the whole process look like a piece of cake.

Audio & Video products: What to buy in Home Theater equipment

The best home theater systems in the market today are Sony, Samsung, Bowers & Wilkins and Panasonic. These are currently the giants of home theater and surround sound systems and are pricey. All their products are considered high-end and out-perform most of the single box solutions.

How to Connect: Planning and Installation

Before having the home theater installation, it is important to keep in mind the size of the room and purchase a screen that is appropriate for that size. Secondly, the viewing and listening distance is also important; you would not want to get a screen that is too large or too small for the room size. Listening and viewing are the two basic criterion which determine if the home theater system setup will present the perfect sound and viewing environment. For this reason many sound system manufacturers have developed different sizes and models of loud speakers, amplifiers, drivers and enclosures that can fit in any environment. To get the best audio and video results from the home theater installation you should always hire companies who specialize in these services like Twin Cities' Lelch Audio Video, that help you make the most out of your hi-tech lifestyle. Many of the new technology used in home theater systems use features like the directivity control wavelength technology, this increases the distance that sound can travel between the loud speakers and the listening area. These speakers can then be modified for longer distance listening.

How to operate: Make your remote do all the talking

For those of you who are looking to get rid of the many remote controls strewn across your living room. You can get the touch screen universal remote that is capable of controlling at least fifteen devices. It can also control components using infrared or the RF module. This universal remote is also web programmable and windows compatible.

Bottom line: Professional Home Theater Design and Installation

Hiring professionals for a home theater installation provides a person with added quality and useful perks along with an elegantly designed setup. Not only will they connect the right cables and connectors to the pieces but getting a hand from a professional will also solve problems like dropped signals and interference from radio static, leaving you with a crisp image quality and sound resonance. [sc:insertbutton]

How to Get the Best Results Out of Your Home Theater System


Minneapolis Home Theater Systems Experts

You probably have or are planning to get more than one TV set up in your home. With good planning and simple customization, home automation providers can give you a home theater system that gives the best picture quality that can be distributed to all the TV sets around the house.

The basics of RF wiring for Home Theater Systems

There are two ways of getting your home theater system wired. These two types are known as the Daisy Chain and the Home Run. A Daisy Chain uses less wire and as a result consumes lesser time in the initial installation. The only problem with this system is that when adding an outlet, one wrong wire can mean no picture on all the TVs that are connected to the system. This is the reason why many home automation installation providers recommend using Home Run wiring when installing a home theater system for the first time. For the people who have an existing Daisy Chain wiring installed, there is no need for rewiring as long as you are not adding a splitter. The Daisy Chain wiring system will also require taps. The Federal Government regulates how strong a signal you can connect to your TV, the standard is usually 15.5 DB or more. Trying to deliver any signal stronger than this can interfere with communications in other houses in the area. A TV normally gives out a woven pattern when the signal is too strong and a snowy picture when the signal is too weak.

After Installation of your Home Theater System

After the home theater installation has been hooked up, you can kick back and enjoy the quality of great picture and surround sound experience. Home theater systems can last quite a while without the need of any fine tuning. It is best to make the adjustments in the surround sound and video quality once you have had the time to familiarize yourself with the home theater system. Making adjustments can be easier by listening to different kinds of music and movies on the home theater system. By taking notes on how you and your family use the automation system, you can develop cheat sheets which will enable you to program better shortcuts and macros for the home automation installation. Another important point to note is that while tuning your home theater system you can use your own CDs and DVDs; it is better to test the tones of your speakers and video tests on specialized test discs that are provided by DVDs like Audio Source LLC5 and Avia’s Guide to home theater. After the home theater installation is complete you may also experience rattles and buzzes while a movie is playing. This is due to the fixtures and furniture present in the room. These annoying sounds can be stopped by simply caulking or applying glue where necessary, and also by tightening up loose screws. [sc:insertbutton]

Home Automation & Home Theater Installation By Lelch Audio Video


Home Automation and Home Theater Systems

Minneapolis AV and Home Automation ExpertsWhen it comes to home theater system setup, hiring a professional is important, especially because some home automation systems have high end controls and many additional functions which make life a lot easier.

Why Install a Home Automation System:

People usually choose to automate their homes for different reasons, but that being said, no two people are going to want the same thing. The automation mainly depends on how much a person wants to automate and how much a person is willing to spend in order to get it done. But the real reason why people are willing to make the investment in home automation installation is because it brings with it certain features that you would otherwise not have access to in a normal home, such as an integrated system and a fully functional 24/7 security system.

Basic Benefits:

  • Increased Comfort
  • Better Security
  • Convenience
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safer Environment

Types of Automation:


The number one concern when it comes to a person’s home is security. Automating your home can increase its security by adding heat sensors, CCTV cameras and alarm systems for doors and windows. Having an automated security system warns you on your smart phone or laptop about any unwanted intrusions and break-ins.


Having an automated light control enables you to save energy whenever you’re not using a room or appliance. By using sensors, a person’s movement can be detected in a room that can automatically switch on lights or switch the lights off when a person leaves. Having an automated light control also gives the person control over the lighting schemes of different parts of the house and controls its intensity according to their activity and mood.

Climate Control:

Home automation uses sensors that ensure that a home gets the proper ventilation. By automatically adjusting the zone based heating and cooling system, different parts of a house can be kept warm or cool according to the weather. Having climate control is also a great way of reducing energy consumption and improving one’s health.


Having a home automation installation is entertainment in itself, but the experience that a home automation system gives you is like no other. Especially the ability to integrate not only every TV set in the house to one another but controlling the audio, video and lighting system, all at once.

Lelch Audio Video; Minneapolis St. Paul Theater and Home Automation Experts

Let us help you design your ideal system. Tell us what you'd like to do, how you live and move about your home. We'll design a system that is customized to your lifestyle. Call today for an appointment with one of our professional designers. [sc:insertbutton]

Illuminate Your Life: How to Find Good Home Automation Installers


Minneapolis Home Automation!

If you’re done doing things the hard way so you can move on to more important things in life, then why not get home automation installation. Having a home automation system can make life a lot easier. For instance, let’s say you had to rush off to work, and forgot to turn off a light or an appliance. With your home fully automated, you do not need to worry as switching off or controlling any device or electric appliance in your house remotely is now possible. Of course, home automation doesn’t only mean being able to turn the kitchen lights off from the bedroom, like most people think. The fact is, once you have had your home automated, there is a list of possibilities that you can add under home automation. That being said, all the bells and whistles can only be heard if you have got proper home automation installation, which is only possible if you hire the right expert who can properly install the home automation setup.

Professional Home Automation Installations

Many consider finding an installer for the automation system a daunting task, that’s because most of us get a bit intimidated when it comes to complex electronics, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The following are a few tips that can help you on your way to getting the perfect home automation installation.

Experience Installing Home Automation Counts:

Just like hiring any other professional, the most important factor that will need consideration is the installer’s experience. Weather its home theater system setup or an automation setup, if you are looking for someone to carry out the entire project without dropping the ball, might as well go for someone with the right amount of experience under their belt.

The Company’s Attitude:

The best qualities you should be looking for in a home automation installer is one who sincerely wants to educate you on your options and not patronize you in any way. If you find that the person has a serious attitude problem, you should not waste any time and move on.

References Matter:

Once you have found the company you want to go with, check their references. Go online and find out what the clients have to say about the company and their services, this will give you a good idea if they are actually what you are looking for.

Make the Call:

Once you are satisfied with what you read, make the call, you don’t have to be intimidated just because the installer happens to have loads of experience in automation and home theater system setup. It is important to ask them all the questions that concern you, like their service charges and the time it will take for the setup. [sc:insertbutton] If you would like to share your story, please feel free to do so.

Home Audio Video: The Importance of Putting it All Together

[buttonstyle] Coming up with a design for the acoustic system of your home theater can be compared to a balancing act which, if not taken care of, can hurt both your wallet and your comfort. If you want to relish the quality of a surround sound system, you will need to position the gear appropriately. This is why home audio installers are perfect for the job. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say you couldn’t do it yourself. But really, hiring a qualified professional is the sensible thing to do, especially because they are skilled in giving equal attention to both the form and function of home theater systems. Some of the best home audio installers, like Lelch A/V, are able to combine great interior design with accurate engineering techniques to find a complete solution for the home audio system.

Read Between the A/V Lines:

The bottom line is: Getting the most out of your home theater system will depend on what components are being used, but more importantly, the home audio installers who are going to connect all these different components together. It amazes me how some people take simple things for granted, like asking for references or taking the time to go and meet with the installer. Requesting for references of the systems the installer has installed will help you scope yours. Reading online references from previous clients of the company can give you a good idea about whether the technicians will be responsive to your requests and needs or not. It is also important to know whether the audio video design company was able to complete the installation on time or not and whether the clients were satisfied with their work.

Demonstration and Consultation:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, visiting the company might very well be worth thousands of dollars. Paying a visit to the installer’s office can speak volumes about their work ethic and how they carry out their business. Granted that not every audio/ video installation company will have an extensive display or a top notch demo facility, their demonstration and consultation should be up to par with your basic requirements. All you should be looking for is that the company is neat and committed to their trade.

Ask About Their Products:

It is important to know what products are going to be installed in the audio video design. Before you choose an installation company, ask them what brands they deal with and why they chose to go with those brands. Rest assured that most companies do choose their brands carefully, but you should ask if the company is an authorized dealer. It is also important to find out if they will be able to make the necessary repairs and provide replacements if something goes wrong in the future. Please feel free to share your experience with us. [insertbutton]